Or can they be both? I think so! Not only are gumboots practical for keeping your feet (and half your legs) dry on a rainy day, they can also make a great statement piece for what would probably be a drab, boring, wet-weather outfit. (Let’s face it, if you are anything like me, all you are thinking about when it’s cold and dark and wintery and you are getting dressed is “What is going to keep me the warmest and the least wet today!”). 

Well a bright, fun, fashionable pair of gumboots can keep you warm and dry on a wet day, AND make you feel fabulous at the same time! You might have seen me rocking my bright pink gumboots in my 7-day shoe challenge (read the post here) and can I tell you, I have hardly taken them off since!

Day 7 of my 7-day shoe challenge I chose to wear my gumboots

It rains a lot (I mean A LOT) in Auckland so I feel like I am justified in wearing my gumboots as a normal pair of shoes, on the city streets, rather than in the mud and slush of the countryside (well that is my justification anyway….). What do you think?

And it seems I’m not the only one who thinks that gumboots can be practical AND fashionable, with labels like New Zealand’s own Karen Walker, online giant ASOS and my all time fave – Target all stocking gumboots in all sorts of shapes and colours. Here are a few of my top picks…..

There are gumboots out there for all styles and budgets – these are a few of my faves

1. Hunter Original Brit Wellies from Asos $261.11 NZD (buy them here)

2. Rainbow rainboots from Target $30.00 AUS (buy them here)

3. Hunter Regent Savoy Wellington Boot from Asos $261.11 NZD (buy them herearen’t they a little Channel?? I love!

4. Karen Walker Filigree gumboots $75.00 NZD (buy them here)

Or if you want to get your mits on my totally awesome HOT PINK wellies from Target, then click here to buy.

It was cold and rainy and I was working from home today – but I just popped on my trusty pink gumboots to make a quick trip to the shops

 What do you think? Can gumboots be fashionable? Or should they be banished to the farms and countrysides?

Cait x