My mother really should have called me Imelda – infact she used to joke that at aged 4 that was my middle name! I’ve always loved clothes and shoes but the thought of making a career out of fashion never even crossed my mind – so how lucky am I, more than a decade down the track to be making a living in this fabulous industry.

From the retail floor during uni, to the behinds the seams (pun intended) of an Australian fashion label, to a great PR gig in Sydney and back to the retail floor – my fashion journey has been a fun one! I’ve been lucky enough to intern at a weekly magazine, run events for national and international clothing labels, all the way through to helping my girlfriends find that perfect dress for that wedding we are going to next weekend.

Fashion is fun and like I said, I have been lucky enough to build my love of clothes into a career. I love the look on a woman’s face when she comes out of the changeroom and realises she looks gooood! I get such a kick out of buying something cheap and cheerful and turning it into something special with a few pulls of the needle and thread (and a great pair of shoes!)  Here are my stories, tips and observations from this business we call the rag trade – enjoy!