I am devastated. Well not really, I’ll get over it, but I was trying to be good – No Buy July is my mission (see here). Today I’m roughly half way through my endeavour to buy no (that is right, absolutely NO) clothes or shoes for ONE MONTH, but WHY OH WHY did I pick July!?!?! (Well because it rhymes with ‘no buy’ of course. No Buy August doesn’t really have the same ring to it now does it?)

July is SALE month. Sale Fail on my part. There are so many bargains out there at the moment that I have to turn down, but the sales are nothing compared to what happened to me this morning (ready? brace yourselves….)

Now as we know, I am saving for Zara in Melbourne at the end of the month (only 16 more NO shopping days to go!) and I thought I was doing really well – I have hardly even been tempted by the evil pull of the sales! BUT when I was researching a post a few weeks ago (this one in fact) I came across these STUNNING espadrilles (wedges) from Tory Burch on Shopbop.com (check it out if you don’t already have this site in your favourites)……

The (current) loves of my life {besides you DT!} Tory Burch Espadrilles on shopbop.com

I love these shoes. They are the perfect height for a freak like me (6ft in heels!), they have that awesome nautical look that never goes out of style and is reinvented every Spring and they are, well, just reeeeeaaaaallllly pretty!! Sooooo occasionally I like to go onto shopbop.com and just look at my pretty shoes that come the first of August, with one click, will be mine!!! (insert evil laugh here) but alas, this was the screen that confronted me this morning as I did my usual cyber-stalk (of the shoes of course)……

My shopbop.com favourites page - of course EVERYTHING else is still available!!

Sold out. SOLD OUT!?!!?!? (insert computer’s evil laugh here) What!? No! I’m supposed to be rewarded at the end of the month for being so good and getting through No Buy July (ok, well Zara is ALSO my reward at the end of the month for being good) but I. Want. These. Shoes!! (do I sound like a 4-year-old? ’cause there was almost a 4-year-old tantrum this morning I can tell you!)

So now (well on August 1st) the mission will be to try and find these shoes online. Somewhere out there.

Moral of the story? No Buy July sucks! No, kidding. I guess if you see something you REALLY love (and I really, really love these shoes) sometimes you just need to bite the bullet and spend baby spend!!!!

Have you ever found that perfect ‘something’, not bought it, then wished you did? Do you still dream about it?

Disclaimer: I haven’t actually looked anywhere else online to see if I can get them so if you see ’em, let me know! I just wanted to have a cry about it ok?

UPDATE JULY 24th: So I have just found them online elsewhere (Saks 5th Ave incase you were wondering) they are little more expensive, but still worth it – now fingers crossed the size 9’s don’t sell out before August 1st!!!