Working over at Shore City in The Stylist’s Wardrobe, I have the amazing opportunity to meet heaps and heaps of inspiring and incredible women, all in a short amount of time! (we’re talking two lovely ladies every half hour).

I’ve learnt a LOT from them, and will keep learning (we’re doing The Stylist’s Wardrobe one week every month now!) but one statement that stuck in my mind was a lady that said to me, “I don’t really care how I look, I just want to be comfortable.

And thats TOTALLY fine! Far be it from me to tell her how to live her life, BUT what I did say to her was very important, and i think by the end of out session she could see what I was saying. So what I aid to her was this,

Style and comfort DO NOT have to be mutually exclusive.

Why do we have to choose one of the other? Why can’t we have both? You guys know I’m all about look good FEEL good and I don’t think I’d ever to tell you to wear something that wasn’t comfortable.

So with that in mind, let’s look at a few pieces you can add to your wardrobe (if they aren’y there already) to make sure you are getting style AND comfort out of your everyday looks.

Jogger pants

I think jogger pants are officially my favourite pant style of all time. Want to know why? Come closer, don’t tell anyone I said this, but they are actually just smartened up tracksuit pants! Yuh huh!

I'm wearing jogger pants

I love throwing them on when I’m working from home, but if I have to pop out I still feel dressed up. The right pair could definitely be worn out at night too! Add a heel and a blazer to lift the look an no one will know you’re kinda wearing trackies on date night (I certainly won’t tell!)

Here are a few of my faves….

jogger pants

SHOP THE JOGGERS (l-r): Max dressy joggers $119.99 | Decjuba black marle jogger $89.95 | CottonOn drapey pant $20

Stretch denim

Notice the key word in there? STRETCH. Comfort is all about non-restricting fabrics and it seems that denim labels have finally got the hint that we don’t like clothes that don’t allow us to move!

These are jeans, but not like you know them. You can practically run the 100 meter sprint in them (I actually did lounges around the house in mine to show my husband how awesome and stretchy they were. and yes, he thought I was mad too.)

Here are three of my faves

jeans with stretch

SHOP THE JEANS (l-r): Jeanswest Prima Denim jeans $120 | Just Jeans Power stretch ultra skinny jean $79.95 | Not You Daughters Jeans Alina legging $299

Jeanswest, as always, do my fave – the Prima Denim, but I hear they are very limited in stock at the moment, BUT a little birdy told me that are some more being released a little later in the year! Trust me, once you go stretch, you will never go back.



You KNOW how much I love Ponte (see the post here) but did you know that it’s not just pants that are made from this wonder-fabric? And it doesn’t just come in black either! You can get skirts, jackets, even dresses!

What’s so awesome about Ponte? Well it has STRUCTURE so it keeps everything in the right places, but it has STRETCH. This means it fits to your shape, and has room to move. Much more comfortable than structured, fitted pieces.

It’s the prefect fabric for the modern busy babe – stretch, comfort, machine washable and no ironing required – sign me up I say!

Here are three pontes pieces that are not pants that will make your working (or play) day much more comfy, without compromising on style.

Ponte pieces

SHOP THE PONTE (l-r): Jacqui E ponte jacket $99.95 | Erina Emery Risk Dress $179 (email for stock availability)  | Max tiered ponte skirt $69.95

Trainers and Brogues

There are two footwear trends right now that lend themselves particularly to comfort. First is the SportsLuxe trend – anything that looks mildly like activewear is good to go (but NO that does not mean you can just flop around in your actual gym gear all day!)

trainers for comfort and style

Trainers are making a comeback with jeans (just not Jerry Seinfield style) but you can also rock them with a dress, or with the afore-mentioned jogger pants. There are HEAPS of colours and prints to choose from, but I’m quite partial to the black, the seem a little more sophisticated to me (well as sophisticated as trainers can get hee hee!)

man-style broguesBrogues are the new ballet flats. There, you heard it here first (well actually I think I’ve said that before). Anyway, I love them – they are flat, they are comfy and they sure are stylish!

I think the trick to wearing them is two-fold.

1. Wear with something a little feminine – because they are quite “man-ish” in style, contrast that with the girlishness of pink, or a dress, or a floral print – have some fun with it.

2. Show a little ankle – Again, they can be a little on the heavy side, so by exposing your ankle, you lighten the look – you’re saying, “I know I’m wearing a solid shoe, but look how skinny my ankles are in comparison!”. Trust me, it works every time!

Here are my picks for both trainers and brogues:

comfy and stylish flat shoes

SHOP THE SHOES: 1. Overland “Wizz” brogues in silver $109.90 | 2. Adidas Zu Flux trainers from Styletread $100 | 3. Max cut out brogues $119.99 (25% off!) | 4. CottonOn frost trainer $39.99

So there you have it – 4 different ways to add some stylish comfort into your everyday life.

As one who practices very much what I preach, comfort is key for me! I’m either walking around a shopping centre, or riffling through someones wardrobe, or sitting at home on my behind in front of a computer, all whilst having to look “like a stylist” (what ever that is).

Take my word for it – you CAN ABSOLUTELY have both comfort and style.

What do you think? Is comfort or style more important to you? Do you think you can do both? How do YOU do it? Tell me in the comments below, I’d love to know!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always