I think this post is mostly just my wishful thinking, sitting here in 3 layers of merino haha

BUT I know that some of you are lucky enough to be heading off somewhere warm sometime soon (or if you’re not, you can always save this post for summer).

If you’re anything like me, packing for holidays is always like “Oh, I’ll just add this in just in case” x 1000 right?

But how much of it do you actually wear when you hit the tropics? Not that much.

me, from where I wish I was right now….

PACKING TIP: If you can find an awesome pair of togs that double as a top, that’s one less tee you have to pack.
These stunning Curvy by Capriosca Swimwear togs come in size 14-26! They also come in plain black.*

So I’ve put together a little packing guide to give you a framework to start from when you’re trying to get the most out of your holiday wardrobe….

I’ve used garments from my own wardrobe to really show you what I mean for the outfits, BUT I’ve also included links to similar when you can’t get your hands on what I’ve got.

Here’s what I’ve used in the mix, you can also double up on items depending on the length of your holiday / size of you suitcase;

Look 1: mini dress + trainers | Look 2: mini dress + shorts+ sandals | Look 3: mini dress + denim shorts + button up shirt + sandals | Look 4: mini dress + long sleeve tee + trainers.

Look 5: mini dress + cropped pants + trainers | Look 6: long sleeve tee + cropped pants + slides | Look 7: short sleeve tee + button up shirt + cropped pants + trainers | Look 8: short sleeve tee + cropped pants + slides.

Look 9: tee + button up shirt + denim shorts + trainers | Look 10: long sleeve tee + button up shirt + denim shorts + trainers | Look 11: togs + denim shorts + sandals | Look 12: button up shirt + togs + denim shorts + sandals.

Look 13: togs + cropped pants + sandals | Look 14: button up shirt + togs + cropped pants + slides | Look 15: tee + maxi dress + sandals | Look 16: togs + maxi dress + trainers.

Look 17: button up shirt + maxi dress + trainers | Look 18: tee + maxi dress + trainers.


So there are 18 looks that you can create from these pieces. This definitely isn’t all of the outfits!

I haven’t use both tees in most looks, or just swap over the shoes and you’ve doubled the looks and there are many more combos I’m sure you can come up with yourself too – this is a great starting point.

Now the only question is, where are we going?

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,






*these were kindly gifted to me by Capriosca Swimwear.