I didn’t realise that kiwis are migrating birds, but apparently we all leave NZ at least once over Winter, am I right?

We are so lucky to have so many gorgeous destinations so close, Aussie is only 3 hours away, as are most of the beautiful Pacific Islands so why would we not leave the cold, grey New Zealand winter days behind us and escape for a break?

One of the most fun, or the most stressful things about travel, depending on who you are, is packing. I LOVE it, but I also may be a serial over-packer, so this blog is definitely for me!

When traveling, you want to make sure you have the right amount of clothes, not too many, not too few (Goldilocks anyone?) so when the guys at came to me with a great travel deal for my readers (if you’re keen to book somewhere soon, hold tight, I’ve got a link that will save you $40 thanks to coming at the end of this blog) I thought it was the perfect opportunity to put together a wee little blog on creating a travel capsule wardrobe!

travel capsule wardrobe

Now with so many choices of where to go, I’m going to pretend we are all heading across to Aussie for our holiday (we can do a separate island holiday one later ok?).

Whether it’s Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, here is what you need to pack to keep your travel wardrobe on point….

travel capsule wardrobe

IN YOUR SUITCASE: Witchery Ponte biker Jacket $199.90 | Cait & Co denim jacket $79 | Cait & Co Miracle Dress $75 | H&M knit $49.99 | Betty Basics 3/4 tee $39 | Max linen shirt $74.99 (on sale)^  | Forever New puff sleeve blouse $69.99 | Decjuba Luxe Pant $69.95^ | Decjuba Luxe jeans $99.95^| Cait & Co scarf $35 | Pulp Noir boots from Hannahs $129.95 | Deuce trainers from Merchant 1894 $149.90 | Ruby Olive Carnivale Rocket Drop earrings $35^ | A Dozen Ideas necklace from Cait & Co


So, now you’ve got yourself just 14 pieces to pack in your suitcase (plus the usual socks and jocks etc), but the trick is HOW many ways can you wear the combos! Here are just a few examples of the combos you can create, and what situation that look would work for….

travel capsule wardrobe

You want to wear your heaviest shoes on the plane, but also be comfortable. No jeans needed as the boots dress the drape pants up slightly. Adding a scarf will help with warmth and tuck the tee in at the front if you want to make your legs look longer.

Dress up the Miracle Dress for lunch with boots and the biker-style jacket. This Witchery number is great because its made from ponte, so it looks like a leather jacket, but has a little more stretch to it.

Strolling around downtown, layer up the button-up shirt under the knit – the shoes and necklace tie in the on-trend blush pink tones but you have your comfy shoes on so you can walk a mile! If it’s extra-cold, take the ponte jacket along for the ride too.

travel capsule wardrobe

Dress up your skinny jeans with a pretty blouse and the ponte jacket. The boots and earrings add a little bit of wow just incase you score last minute tickets to a show.

Throw a knit on over the Miracle Dress for a more casual look when you head out to hit the shops. The trainers will be comfortable for walking around, and the necklace adds a little somethin’ somethin’ to the casual look.

Wear the linen shirt open as a jacket over the white tee (tucked in of course) for a casual Sunday breaky. The draped pants are way more comfy than jeans (plus the elastic waist lets you eat what you want) and the scarf adds a bit of colour and warmth.

travel capsule wardrobe


Yes you saw that right, you can tuck the Miracle Dress into pants and wear it like a top (see this blog for the visuals).  Add trainers and necklace for a casual, just-hanging-around-the-town look.

Made some new friends (or meeting up with old ones?), if you want to head out for some late arvo drinks, why not pair your comfy drape pants with the fancier items you’ve packed and dress them up a little. Just make sure you tuck the top in! It will make everything feel more polished.

It’s finally time to head home on the plane so throw all your comfies on. The great thing about all these items is that they are comfortable, but still stylish, so you might even get a cheeky upgrade if you’re lucky 😉



Cool! So now you know exactly what to pack, where exactly are you going?

The good news is that my lovely friends at want to make it super-easy for you to take a mid-winter holiday. They are giving you $40 cash back on any accommodation booking you make over $80 using this wee little link.


And with over 1.3 million places you can stay around the world (including over 5000 in New Zealand), you’ll want to book all your holidays for the next year now!

So whether it’s a girls shopping weekend in Melbourne, family holiday to hit the theme parks on the Gold Coast, or even just a quick long weekend down to Wellington, makes it easy to decide where to stay, and I’ve got you covered with what to pack – bon voyage!

Are you heading away soon? Where are you going? Tell me so I can be jealous of you and start planning my own holiday (and holiday wardrobe of course!)

Until Next Time, In Style & Love Always,

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