How can it be the end of summer? Did we even get one? (sorry, Aussie – I know you are practically dying in the heat over there but we got nothing…..)

I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready to start seeing Autumn clothes in stores! (don’t blink, they are not far away!)

So I’m giving Summer fashion one last hurrah by putting together a wee little capsule wardrobe to get you through the end of summer.

Now, the idea behind my capsule wardrobes is that I show you a couple of super-versatile pieces that can help fill the gaps in your existing wardrobe, but also demonstrate how the pieces can all work together really nicely too!

Ok, here are the pieces…most of them are fresh from my online store, Cait & Co, I try and fill the store with useful, versatile pieces for your everyday wardrobe, so wanted to showcase some of those cool pieces 🙂

GET THE CAPSULE: Betty Basics black maxi dress from Cait & Co $59.90 | Home-Lee bird print grey dress from Cait & Co $99.00 | Max relaxed linen shirt $99.99 | Home-Lee “hello sunshine” singlet from Cait & Co $55 | Betty Basics Jade pants from Cait & Co $45 | PQ chambray shorts from Cait & C0 $49 | Ruby & Lili stripe skirt from Cait & Co $69

So I’ve decided to show you the outfit combos a little differently than I usually do…. I’ve snapped them on me so you can actually see how they work in real life.

EXPERT TIP: The key to buying a versatile clothing is to make sure you can think of at least THREE things you can wear it with (these should all totally fit that bill!). If you can’t, don’t buy it! 

So that was nine different outfit combos from JUST these clothes …. think of how many more you could make with other things in your wardrobe!

What do you think? Are these pieces you can see fitting easily into your wardrobe? Tell me in the comments below! I’d love to know.

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,

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