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I was talking with someone the other day about shoes (because I do that a LOT!) and it came up in conversation that I don’t seem to own many black shoes! This tends to be contrary to 99% of the styling clients I see though haha! Almost everyone I know has a multitude of black shoes, but is still always on a mission for more.

The beauty of a black shoe is that they go with almost everything.

They are a safe, versatile choice to have in your wardrobe.

So when the team at Frankie4 Footwear asked me to test-drive some of their gorgeous black boots, I thought it would be a great opportunity to actually try working some more black shoes into my own wardrobe, as well as giving you guys some tips on what to look for when on the hunt for a new black shoe.


No, that’s me in the photo haha, EDWiNA is the name of the gorgeous Frankie4 Footwear boots I’m wearing. I loved having the opportunity to style them up with this feminine dress, I think sometimes we just default to wearing our boots with jeans because it’s easy.

Frankie4 footwear Edwina black boots

Frankie4 footwear Edwina black boots

Point of difference

One of the things that I always look for when looking for black shoes is something that has a point of difference. Is there a detail that takes them to the next level and gives you a chance to put your style stamp on the shoe?

Frankie4 footwear Edwina black boots

Both the studding detail and the racing stripe through the gusset was what initially appealed to me about these boots. They are still a classic black boot, just with a little “Cait” twist on them.


Comfort Factor

Now I love me some pretty shoes along with the rest of y’all, BUT the older I get (and the more children I have!) the more importance I place on comfort. I spend many hours each week walking around shops with clients and so shoes that look good AND feel good are high on my list.

Frankie4 footwear EDWiNA black boots

That’s what I LOVE about the philosophy behind Frankie4 Footwear. The team are dedicated to bring us shoes that are focused on foot-health, but also fashion-forward. So much research and technology goes into designing a pair of Frankie4 Footwear shoes, in fact, the brand was started by husband and wife podiatrists so you know they are going to be good. (Read more about their design process HERE)

When you’re in the market for a new shoe, you really should be thinking about how your feet are going to feel in them, as well as how good they look.



Oh it’s my favourite “V” word! You guys know I love anything that s versatile, and a black shoe is the epitome of that in your shoe-robe. If you want to get bang-for-your-buck out of your next shoe purchase, look for shoes you can wear with lots of different outfits, for different occasions.

And to help point you in the direction of some of the best black shoes out there, here are some of my faves from the team at Frankie4 Footwear.

SHOP THE SHOES (all prices in Aus $): MiM black braid $239.95 | NAT black croc $239.95 | DARCY black boots $289.95 POPPY black weave $239.95

Where to get a pair

Frankie4 Footwear are available to purchase via their website (and limited stockists in NZ), they SHIP to New Zealand for FREE and the are now offering FREE returns incase your shoe purchase isn’t quite right.

They have amazing fit experts waiting to help you out with any questions you have at all about purchasing Frankie4 Footwear online. You can chat on their WEBSITE, via email or phone, or through their social media channels (find them HERE on Facebook and HERE on Instagram).

So now the only question is, which style do you choose?

Until next time, in love & style always,




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