Heading back to work next week? Into the actual office? It probably means you’re going to have to put on a bra again (haha soz!).

After almost 8 weeks at home in ‘business comfy, which was sometimes ‘business on top, tracksuit pants on the bottom’, and sometimes just pj’s all day, now, as well as the commute, you have to contend with actually getting dressed to go out in public again!

So here are a few tips to help you get office-ready for next week, and to easy yourself back into elevating your everyday style (plus a few pieces that might help make the transition easier)

1. Use it as an opportunity to up your style

Ok, so you’ve been at home for a while, and probably wearing about a 10th of your wardrobe right? This is the time to REALLY look at what you’ve got, and how you can make the most of it! Got an awesome dress you’ve never worn to work because it feels to ‘dressy’? Use this as an opportunity to rock that dress, and really put your professional game face on.

2. If in doubt, add a blazer

A blazer is one of those magical pieces that will make almost ANY outfit look more professional. You could still wear your comfy jeans, and a tee, but add a blazer and heels (or boots) and you’ve nailed business-casual in most office situations.

If you don’t own a good blazer, you’ve got time over the weekend to go out and grab one. Decjuba has one of my faves at the mo.

wear a blazer to elevate your workwear

This blazer is a ‘go-to’ of mine to help elevate any outfit

3. Think about FABRIC

This might sound weird, but WHY do we love tights and hoodies when we’re working from home? Because they are COMFORTABLE! Ok, so take that comfort factor, and apply it to your workwear wardrobe!

You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort (and visa versa). When you’re thinking about a work wardrobe, look for fabrics that are easy wear, non-restrictive and have some movement.

Pants that have elastic through the back, dresses in jersey or polyester chiffon, jackets make from knit fabrics and shoes that you can actually walk in.

We like wearing our trackies because they FEEL nice, so wear workwear clothes that feel nice too! Nothing wrong with that.

OK, here are a few of my fave “back to work” recommendations if you want to look the part, but still feel like you’re working from home….

SHOP THE LOOKS: Country Road wool knit dress $259.00 | Saben “Tabbie” bag in truffle $399 | Max trench coat $279.99 | Mi Piaci “Dern” leather boots $360 | Tuesday the Label “Abi” pants in gold cord $189.00 | Kmart satin-feel midi skirt $17

If you’re still stuck on workwear ideas, I’ve got a whole section of them in my latest eBook, How to Create an Autumn Capsule Wardrobe. All of the outfit ideas can be created with pieces that most of us already have in our wardrobes too! You can GRAB A COPY HERE.

So if you are heading back to work on Monday (or soon), good luck! You’ve got this, and use it as an opportunity to really ROCK your business style!

Until Next Time, In Love & Always