You are looking at one bona-fide, card-carrying shoe addict here (it even says so on my business card!).

And being a shoe-addict, I don’t discriminate. Flats can be just as fabulous (if not more) than a pair of heels.

And let’s be realistic, they are often waaaaay more comfortable and practical for everyday life (and everyday style) so they two thumbs up from me.

Looking and feeling great in flats is all about proportion, no matter what your shape, size or height, so don’t feel like you can’t rock a flat – everyone can!

Here’s a couple of expert tips to help you feel your best when being Fabulous in Flats.

Fabulous in Flats

1. Expose your ankles

If you’re wearing pants with flats, roll them up to show off your ankle, it’s the smallest part of your leg, so drawing attention to it will make your whole leg look slimmer.

Skinny or slim-fitting pants always work best with flats too – show off the shape of those legs baby!!

exposed ankles

Rolling your jeans up is a great way to rock your flats and be stylish AND comfy all day long.

2. Get Nude.

Again, this is a leg-lengthening trick – the nude flat will make it look like your legs just keep going and going and going – you get the picture.

If you want to add some MORE length, look for a pointed nude flat! Here are a few around at the moment.


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3. Check your hem length

A classic French style rule I love comes into play here. The French women say, if your hem of your skirt or dress is ABOVE YOUR KNEE, wear it with a flat, if it’s below your knee, you’ll need to add a heel. (again, it’s all about proportion, making your legs look longer!)

Above the knee hems

Remember, this just applies to SKIRTS and DRESSES, not pants! Plus, it’s just a guide, you can always break the rules and wear your banging flats with a longer skirt or dress too (I do it all the time!).

Here are a few of my fave flats around at the moment!

Best flatsSHOP THE SHOES: 1. Billini flats from theiconic $79.95 | 2. Nine West “Aedah” flats $139.95 | 3. Witchery “Gracie” flat $99.90 | 4. Mr W & Me “Factor 35” flats $139.00

Do you love rocking a flat? Or a you a heels girl all the way! Tell me what you think

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,