Now it’s no secret that I love a bit of mix and match when it comes to style. Show my a co-ord (matching set) and I’ll show you how to get the most bang for buck our of your wardrobe.

And it seems my friends at Caroline Eve think the same as I do because their Spring Collection is FULL of amazing pieces to mix and match, and I can’t wait to show you.

So why is a co-ord so useful in my wardrobe? I hear you say.

Well simply, you just get more bang for buck out of 2 matching pieces. Not only do you get a gorgeous top, and bottom style, you also get what appears to be either a dress (with a top and skirt co-ord) or a jumpsuit (with a top and pant co-ord)! Three for one!

I wanted to share some of the gorgeous matching sets that have just landed in store at Caroline Eve – there are so many stunning prints, i couldn’t choose a fave. Here is one of my fave prints worn back with block colours …

The top and skirt work perfectly together to give the illusion of a dress, you could add a belt, but the lovely thick waist of the skirt means you don’t need to.

I’m wearing:

Now let’s change it up…

Jeans and a nice top? Don’t mind if I do! This top pairs so well with denim (and OMG these jeans are SO comfy!). You could add heels and a blazer for work, or boots and a coat if it’s a little chillier, either way, this top is doing double duty in your wardrobe.

I’m wearing:

Just wanted to give you a little reminder of how gorgeous this set looks together as a “dress”  – that print though right? (ps, the skirt  has a flat panel front, elastic back and is fully lined – the trifecta in fit!)

It’s time to play up the pink with this gorgeous knit – it matches back perfectly with the skirt and tones down the print a little if head-to-toe isn’t for you.

I’m wearing:



Now the magic of getting more bang for buck out of a matching set, is to have the right pieces to mix and match back with it. And it all comes down to colours!

Use the print to dictate what colours you’re going to wear back with your print. Usually prints will have several colours to choose from, so look for the colours you love in the print, and then look for separates in those colours.

Just keep one simple rule in mind; If there is no black in the print, don’t match it back with black!” Black can be such a dominating colour, and often will drain a print, so be sparing with your black.

Here’s a great example… The pink of this knit matches perfectly with the pink in the print. You could also go with white, red or black (yes, you can wear black with this one haha!)

There are SO many stunning prints to mix and match with this season at Caroline Eve, if you want some more inspo – head over to my Instagram and have a watch as I mix and match some more glorious prints.

And make sure you also head to Caroline Eve and have a look at the full range of stunning mix and match pieces to play with. And make sure you follow them online for heaps of great style updates. Find them on FACEBOOK HERE, and INSTAGRAM HERE

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