So let’s be clear about one thing. I’m writing this post PURELY as a hint to my husband that a weekend away sometime soon would be nice – feel free to leave it open on the computer screen as a hint to your husband too…

Kidding! This post was actually the idea of my well-travelled, and very clever bloggy friend Pearl from Pretty Mayhem (make sure you check out her blog, it’s awesome). We were talking and she suggested a post on packing so here it is!


Now I’m talking weekend away, probably in the car (or just with carry-on baggage) either with the husband and kids (but they can fend for themselves on the packing front), or with some mates, not big overseas trips that require more thought haha.

It’s really important to pack pieces that mix and match together (colour, style etc), and that have VERSATILITY (my favourite word!). That way you’ll get heaps more options from less clothes.

I have to say I’m getting better and packing less, but it’s a work in progress (maybe I should follow some of my own advice!) and definitely when its comes to packing, LESS IS MORE!

But in an ideal world, here is some pieces I would start with…..

packing for a weekend away capsule wardrobe

SHOP THE LOOKS: 1. Max khaki blouse $99.95 | 2. Country Road jacket $229.00 | 3. Witchery striped knit top $109.90 | 4. Jeanswest distressed jeans $99.95 | 5. Decjuba striped dress $99.95 | 6. Jeanswest draped pants $99.95

Versatile pieces that all work within a colour scheme. Now we add the accessories………..

weekend away accessories

SHOP THE ACCESSORIES: 1. Jacqui E geometric scarf $39.95 | 2. Atmosphere hat from The Iconic $34.95 | 3. Converse trainers from The Iconic $80.00 | 4. Andrea Moore sunglasses $379.00 |  5. Django & Juliette boots from Styletread $189.95

For a weekend away, I think that is enough options…. now let’s look at how we put them all together for different activities on your mini-break.

weekend away outfit options

That’s just 6 outfit options for different occasions. There are so may more options that you can use too!

Here are a few more tips to get the most out of the clothes you’ve packed:

  • Use the blouse open over the dress (or the stripe top)open as a jacket
  • Tie the blouse around your waist to add another layer over the dress, or the striped top and jeans combo
  • Use the scarf in your hair on the last day so you don’t to worry so much about washing and drying it (your hair that is)
  • Cuff the skinny jeans to wear with the ankle boots if you want to dress up an outfit a little more

See, so many other options. Now all you need to do is find that special place to go on your trip (hint, hint husband)

What are your essentials top pack on a weekend away? I’d love to hear your thoughts, tell me in the comments below

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,