Having style doesn’t mean always having to buy the latest and greatest! You can look amazing on ZERO budget – in fact, you probably have more amazing clothes in your wardrobe than you think.

So in this post, I wanted to give you a few tips on how to SHOP your own wardrobe, and reinvigorate your style without having to spend a cent.

Nice huh?

1.Start by doing a wardrobe cleanout

So you’re not going to know what you’ve got to work with, until you’ve SEEN what you’ve got to work with! And the way to do that is with a good old WARDROBE AUDIT.

Here’s a little guide to walk you through the steps of a simple Wardrobe Audit;

*The MAYBE pile: Keep it somewhere away from your everyday wardrobe, but if you want to wear something from it, then return it to your everyday wardrobe. After 6 months, everything left in the MAYBE pile, automatically becomes part of the NO pile.

2. Re-imagine HOW you wear your clothes

Can your clothes be worn in more than one way? For more than one occasion? How much versatility can you get out of them?

I’m always showing my clients new ways to wear existing pieces – it’s give your old clothes new life.

Can you wear a work blazer with a pair of jeans on the weekend? Or can you dress down a ‘fancy’ dress with a denim jacket?

Max Linen Blazer

Stop stereotyping your clothes into one specific use and have fun with mixing and matching them for different occasions.

3. Set yourself a challenge

There are so many fab “what to wear” challenges going around the old ‘gram, so you can either play along with one of those (check out #teamstylefile for a good one to play along with), or make one up yourself.

I’ve set myself weekly challenges to not wear jeans for a whole week, wear a different pair of shoes everyday, and to pick a different colour from my wardrobe (besides black or white).

Once you set yourself the challenge, it makes you look at your wardrobe differently, and find the gems you might have forgotten, rather than default to the usual!

4. Get inspiration from others

Yes the good old social media can be a place of “oh my god, everyone has their life together except me” BUT it can also be a great tool for stealing other peoples style haha.

Check out hashtags like #everydaystyle and #styleover30 for some great outfit inspo from NZ, Aus and abroad.

OR just look at the stylish ladies in your own life – have they added an extra layer to their look (and cool accessory, or pair of shoes) or are they wearing a colour combo that is unexpected?

Step a little out of your comfort zone, and look at how other people are wearing things, and see if you can re-create those looks with your own wardrobe)

5. Ask for professional help

Haha well of course I’m going to say this, but actually, THIS is what I do for a living.

You don’t have to spend a whole bunch of money on new clothes, we I can come in and help you breathe new life into your existing clothes! My Wardrobe Audit package does pretty much the other 4 steps we’ve just worked through, all with a professional holding your hand.

So shout out if you need a bit of extra help!

I hope you’ve now got a few ideas on how to shop your own wardrobe a little more – you’ll be surprised what you’ve already got if you just look a little harder.

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,

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