So what has furniture got to do with a style blog you ask? 

Well my friends, if you think about it, furniture is the fashion for your home right? It’s a way to express your style, to give yourself and your home a sense of personality and self, much like the clothes you wear.

There are so many links between fashion and furniture, and when Target Furniture reached out and asked me to come and visit their gorgeously renovated new store in Mt Wellington, I couldn’t wait to see how they have dialled up the style in-store and share it with you too (I’ve also now mentally planned a makeover for my whole house haha!).

If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you’ll know that the values I’m looking for in pieces of clothing are as follows:

  • Versatility
  • Longevity
  • Value for Money
  • Self Expression / Individuality

So what really impressed me about Target Furniture, is their commitment to those same values when it comes to furniture. The more time I spent in store, the more it really came across that shopping for furniture has so many similarities to what I do when I’m shopping with my styling clients; texture, colours, key pieces are all reoccurring themes in both scenarios, so let’s explore that more…

My Fave Finds.

Just like shopping for clothes, furniture shopping can be overwhelming, so I wanted to show you some of my personal favourites from Target Furniture, just to give you an idea of some of the gorgeous pieces they have, and get you started thinking about your own, unique furniture style too.


1. Add texture to your look to make it interesting!

Texture is where it’s at with the Edge Side Table in Natural. (will put links to each piece here and also the price that is current at time of publishing)

I love the interest in the shape of the side table itself, but also in the pattern of the wood. 

This piece is like a gorgeous, intricate handbag. It can pair beautifully with a classic setup, or add an extra edge to something a bit more left of centre.


2. Have one key piece to elevate your look

If this was fashion, The Zara Sofa in Cream would be the most glorious coat! A key piece in your loungeroom, this sofa definitely makes an impact and elevates your space instantly! 

Shopping for me is such a tactile experience, and I love the texture and hand touch the Zara Sofa offers.

3. Style and practicality can co-exist

Mid-Century Modern is always a furniture era I’m drawn to, the softness of the base and the simplicity of the glass and timber is what I love about the Maya Low Coffee Table in Natural.

This reminds me of a well-constructed shoe. Elegant and simple, but also practical and useful.

(from a practical standpoint, I love the curved edges for a coffee table, I have too many tiny humans in my house to have sharp edges at that level haha).


4. Luxury doesn’t have to equal beige

Who said all furniture has to be beige or grey? I just love the pop of colour the Madison Velvet Chair in Teal would bring to any space. It adds an element of luxury, just like a gorgeous velvet blazer would to your wardrobe.

I love the classic shape, with sharp corners but at the same time, the tone is soft and inviting and would work in any space (or in any wardrobe!)


Take classic black, but make it edgy and sophisticated

Eye-catching, without being over the top, the Oslo 6-drawer Lowboy in Dark has minimalistic lines and a sleek geometric frame, much like an elegant black jumpsuit

Both the jumpsuit and the Lowboy have a classic colour and silhouette, yet are not for the shy violets! They both have a distinct edge, with a touch of modern sophistication.

One of each for me, please!

6. The most elegant pieces can also be functional

The Haven Bookend Bedframe is right at the top of my personal list, with the light and relaxing colour palette, but the practical element of the bookend, perfect for either storage or styling (or both).

Much like a pair of cream wide leg trousers, this bedframe has a soft, classic feel, but also brings the practicality of storage (just like pockets in pants!).

I can see this frame fitting into many a different style bedroom, just as a classic wide leg pant will suit many a style personality.


7. Choose pieces where form and function meet

Practical, for outdoor use, durable and stylish all rolled into one. I’m talking not only about these gorgeous sunglasses, but also theTropea 3 Piece Outdoor Lounge Set, Gunmetal

I love the curves on the frame, something you don’t see much in outdoor furniture, and the on-trend mesh panels add texture.

This clever design also includes wood-like trim that is also actually aluminium, so will withstand the elements much longer and last for years and years, much like a sturdy pair of sunglasses.

Love my choices? You can shop a curated collection of my favourites on the TARGET FURNITURE WEBSITE

Over the next few months, I’m going to share some of my fave finds from Target Furniture, and show you how you can add that stylish touch to your house, as well as your wardrobe, but first, let me tell you a little more about Target Furniture here in NZ.


The Target Furniture Story.

Target Furniture has been one of New Zealand’s leading furniture retailers for more than 30 years. They’re a 100% Kiwi-owned and operated family business that is passionate about providing Kiwis with affordable furniture that doesn’t compromise on quality or style.

After opening Target Furniture in 1992, Monty Bielby launched the first franchise store in 2001 with a vision to help Kiwis create homes they love – and this is something we still pride ourselves on today.

In the early days, Monty worked closely with designers to craft a premium range of furniture. When importing gained momentum in the 90s, he moved the majority of manufacturing overseas to improve efficiency.

They have seven stores nationwide, but can deliver anywhere in NZ, without the long wait times, as everything is already here in New Zealand ready to be shipped. 

I’d love to know your thoughts, what are your favourite pieces from the Target Furniture range? Tell me in the comments below.






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