Do you know what? I just had to pull myself up writing the title of this blog. In all honesty, I was going to call it something like “how to wear a crop top when you’re over 25″… implying that those of us over 25 need to wear one differently than the youngens.

Well do you know what? I need to talk my own talk a little more. You can ACTUALLY wear a crop top how the f*$k you want, what ever your age! And I’m sorry for forgetting that for a second.

SO! I wanted to talk to you about crop tops though. They are a very under-utilized piece when it comes to styling your outfits and giving your looks shape and depth.

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They help define your waist

Crops are great for giving you waist definition, without wearing something tight or form fitting.

They create a gorgeous shape through your body and also make your legs look longer (always a bonus right)

I love to layer a crop knit over a dress, the dress can either be fitted or loose, but the crop just cuts at the right place on the body. A look that is harder to achieve that a normal knit.


Also, just a note: DO NOT BE SCARED to show a little skin! It’s just skin, and it doesn’t have to be brown, and flat, and tight, it’s just skin.

But at the same time, don’t feel the pressure to if you don’t want to. I was wearing a thin merino singlet under this knit so when I picked up my girls I wasn’t going to show the world my bra haha

Wear them with high-waisted separates

Crop tops and knits generally work best with high waisted skirts and pants if you’re going to wear it over separates (as opposed to a dress). It simply means that the fabics meet and you don’t have to worry about flashing skin if you don’t want to.

Who shouldn’t wear a crop?

There isn’t a single person out there that should feel that they can’t wear this style.

There are ways for ANYONE and EVERYONE to wear a crop. Some brands even build them into the one piece like these stunning dresses from Loobie’s Story .

So the style lesson from this blog is please don’t think this style isn’t for you! You can definitely rock a crop top no matter what your age, shape OR size!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,