This post comes from reader question (which I LOVE getting btw so feel free to shoot me an email if you have any).

I got an email from a gorgeous lady last week asking if I could give her some direction in how to wear them, what shapes they suit  and the like, so this blog is for you Janelle!

So first of all, what IS a midi skirt (or dress for that matter) well, it’s got to do with the length…. a midi-length hem sits somewhere between the knee and the ankle…..

midi skirt length

And more importantly, how do you wear one. It’s ok, I got you covered. Here are my top stylist tips on how to rock a midi-length skirt (or dress) and who they suit.

Heels it is.

Sorry my friends, a midi is ALWAYS going to look better with at least a little heel. It’s all about proportion – making your legs look longer to be precise. A heel is going to stop your legs looking frumpy and short, especially in a skirt.

little heels help with a midi skirt

You might get away with flats if you are wearing a tight-fitting midi dress, as you are still creating a long line with the body of the dress, but if you try one on and you feel a little frumpy, try adding a heel.

flat with a midi

Tuck your top in

Again, this is all about proportion. You are trying to make your legs look as long as you can, and by raising the waist band of the skirt as high as you can, it gives the illusion that your legs start higher up!

tuck in a top

Crop tops (don’t freak out!) also work with midi skirts if they are high-waisted. They are short, so they (as always) make your legs look longer! I’m NOT a fan of showing off my tummy, but I’m working the crop top with the midi skirt here and I’m totally ok with it! (side note: I’m also almost 6ft in heels so “midi skirts” often look shorter on my than others)

crop top with a midi

Who does it suit?

Everybody! and no that’s not a cop-out haha! My adage is that anyone can wear anything, it’s all about HOW you wear it!

Height plays a big part in not only WHERE a midi-length hem sits on you, but also how you wear it. Being taller will give you more scope to wear with flats, whereas, if you shorter than the average bear, then heels it is my friend.

If you are pear-shaped, the fuller, A-line shaped skirts are best for you. Team back with a fitted top (tucked in as discussed above) and for you ALWAYS a heel!

Hourglasses, either a fitted shape, or a slight A-line is going to work for you. The fitted midi dress (like the striped one I’m wearing above) is great for showing off your curves, but a more a-line skirt can work too (plus the tucking and blousing of the top can give you some tummy protection too – trust me, I’m the queen of this!)

Column shapes, you can use a midi-skirt to create some more shape through your waist – the a-line shapes (like the two on the right below) are going to give you great shape!

For you my lovely Apple shapes, you guys could definitely try a dress like THIS option from Aussie label Sacha Drake. It will give you tummy protection, but also show off your fab legs! Always go with the slim-fit skirt to show them off.

Four of the best

Here are four midi-length options in the store right now to help you get started rocking the midi!

midi length dresses and heels

SHOP THE MIDIS (l-r): Atmosphere body con dress from The Iconic $69.95 | Glassons striped midi skirt $29.95 | midi dress $40.00 | Atmosphere midi skirt from The Iconic $29.98 (on sale)

So what do you think? Is it a style you’re going to give a go? I think you totally should.

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,