OK, stop panicking and breathe. White is not as scary as you think!

White is such a nice change coming out of Winter. It’s fresh, it works with lovely Spring colours and it’s really easy to integrate it into your everyday wardrobe.

So when the team from Anchor Organic Milk asked me to a post all about white, I really wanted to show you guys how easy it to work white into your every day outfits, just like Anchor Organic Milk can work into your every day lives easily.

So here are three white items that you can use in your every day outfits (in fact, I often do, as you can see!)

White Jeans.

Jeans! So easy to integrate into your existing wardrobe right? Just switch out your normal denims for these puppies.

white jeans

SHOP THE JEANS: Seed Heritage zipper jeans $99.95 | Warehouse ripped white jeans $39.00

Two stylist tips:

  1. make sure the fabric is THICK – you want as much support as you can get in white.
  2. skinny is actually better! You still want to show off the shape of your legs and baggier jeans can just add bulk

A White jacket

This doesn’t need to be a blazer, but I LOVE a white blazer – it adds a sharpness to any look with ease.

white jacket

SHOP THE JACKETS: Just Jeans knit denim jacket $89.95 | Witchery linen blazer $209.90

If white is not your colour, this is where the cream comes in. Or, if you DO find a white blazer you love, pop a more well-suited colour underneath like on the left to add a pop of the right colour.

Stylist tip: Pair a blazer with jeans for a great smart-casual look, or through the denim jacket over a dress for a cute daytime look.

White shoes

If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you KNOW how much I love a white trainer, but you can get almost any shoe in white atm – it’s a real on-trend colour in footwear.

WHite shoes

SHOP THE SHOES: Converse Chuck Taylors from The Iconic $80 | Verali sandals from StyleTread $50 

What I love about a white canvas trainer is that you can just throw it in the wash to clean it! (add the NapiSan soak for a super-clean). I just did this to my old Converse trainers and they look almost as good as new now!

Stylist tip: White shoes look best with a tan so pick up a great self tanner if you’re going to rock your white shoes with bare legs.

And stop with the excuses already, I’ve head them all  – “I have kids, they make a mess“…… “white doesn’t suit me” ……. “I’m a grub and I’ll spill my lunch on myself

I’m sure all of the above are true, but that shouldn’t stop you wearing white. In fact, it’s the EASIEST colour to clean – just chuck it in the wash (on hot) with a scoop of NapiSan, or if you’ve really got a good stain, the NapiSan sticks or soaps are awesome, soak away THEN chuck in the wash.

As for white not suiting you, I’ll pay that – but take everything I’m saying and replace WHITE with CREAM, or BEIGE or what ever “version” of white suits you – it’s really that easy.

White jeans + Coffee + Anchor Organic Milk. See? If I can do it, so can you!

White jeans + Coffee + Anchor Organic Milk. See? If I can do it, so can you!

Are you a fan of white in your everyday life? Tell me in the comments below, I’d love to know!

Until Next Time, In Love & Shopping,


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