EXCITING NEWS! I’m opening my very own online store – The Chasing Cait Shop!

The Shop is designed to make it easy for you to get access to some of the clothes that I talk about over on the blog.  I want you to be able to see yourself wearing them in your everyday life, no matter what your shape, size, lifestyle or budget.

Fashion and style should be easy and fun EVERYDAY (not just when you’re frocking up and heading out) so I’ve thought long and hard about the pieces that I put into each collection. I’ve chosen quality pieces that offer value for money so I hope you like the latest collection.

Opens Dec 5th imageIt officially opens tomorrow HERE, but I wanted to give you guys a little sneak-preview of what you can expect from this collection, and on-going collections.

What you can buy

The Chasing Cait Shop is stocked with brands that you may, or may not recognise from the blog, but they are all brands I love!

The price points will vary, but rest assured, every single item is in the shop because I believe it represents VALUE FOR MONEY.

How it works

Every two months, I will release a new, limited release, collection of pieces that not only I love, but I think you will too! Each garment will have a little bit of info about why I love it, who it will work for, what size I’m wearing (for comparison) and how to wear is, as well as the usual suspects – fit, care instructions (EVERYTHING is machine washable y’all!), fabric etc etc.

There are VERY LIMITED numbers in each style, so if you see something you love, make sure you jump on and grab yours before it goes! Once it’s gone from the store, it’s gone!

Why an online store?

I wanted to share with you guys some of the awesome items I see in my travels around the fashion world, and have access to them at the click of a button! There are so many amazing brands out there, and I want to bring as many of them to you as I can!

The store will ship to both Australia and New Zealand so no one from either side of the ditch will miss out!

The Chasing Cait store header

That’s all great, but what can I buy tomorrow!

Ahhh well you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow won’t you! Make sure you’re signed up to my newsletter HERE, and my Facebook HERE to get the word when the store goes live! I’ll be sending out a newsletter with all the details tomorrow!

But because you’re so special, here’s a little sneak-preview of the accessories for this month….

Chasing Cait store accessories


AND in the mean time – you can get your hands on my VERY FIRST E-BOOK!

That’s right, kick-start your style in 10 days, with StyleMe – get it here (or click on the button below) at the special intro price of $19.95 (normally $39.95).

E-book preview

See you online tomorrow!