I love shopping for togs (I’m from Queensland – swimmers, cossies, bathers to all you southerners) – don’t stress, I KNOW I am in the minority there. Most women run screaming just from the thought of having to try on bikini after bikini in those nice, well-lit (too well-lit) change rooms and I must say, as I get older, I possibly love the task slightly less than I used to so here are some of my tips for buying the best swimmers this summer!

1. Go shopping with a tan

Spray tan, self tan, bronzer, whatever gives you that slight golden glow will make your life much easier! Just make sure you get a good one, there is nothing worse that going from winter white to tandoori orange. My picks are – Loreal Sublime Bronze Gel, or St Tropez tanning foam.

How NOT to fake tan

2. Do your research

Look at the style of bra you wear, do you need underwire? Do they have a thicker strap to hold those puppies up or does a little Bonds triangle of fabric do the job. This is a good indication of the style of bikini (or one piece) top that will be best for you. Seafolly have got their togs just right this summer – they have incorporated a few bustier-styles into their range which will give great support (due to the underwire) for a larger bust, but at the same time give lift to a smaller bust. Here is a fav:

Matt soft cup bra ($99.95) and retro pants ($54.95)

For more great shapes – visit www.sunburn.com.au as a great place to start

3. Make sure they fit!!!!

If you are planning on swimming in the surf, make sure you get some togs that will stay on if you plan on body surfing in front of the flags. The whole of Surfers Paradise does NOT need to see your tan lines!

Hold on to your bits ladies!!


So with all that in mind – HAPPY TOGS SHOPPING!!!!