If you are a long-time reader of the blog, you might remember me posting about this awesome label, Erina Emery earlier in the year. (Read THIS post or THIS post to jog your memory if you like – go on, we’ll just wait quietly for you here….)


Well guess what! It’s time for another update on one of my favourite local NZ brands because Erina’s Summer 2014 collection, Ori-Ga-Me! is about to launch and I have a sneak preview for you!

Erina Emery Summer 2014_Chasing Cait _2

I’m wearing: The Swan Shirt $169 | The Fountain Pant $159

Erina Emery Summer 2014_ChasingCait_1

I’m wearing: The Lucky Star tee (black) $145 with The Fountain Pant $169

Erina Emery Summer 2014 Chasing Cait _4

I’m wearing: Ori-Ga-Me Dress (cobalt) $169 (this dress can be pulled in at the waist with the internal waist tie too! Clever!)

Erina Emery Summer 2014 Chasing Cait_3

I’m wearing: The Silk Kimono $179

For those of you rascals not familiar with the label already, Erina Emery works in a slightly different way than most. In order to keep costs down, and the quality high, Erina only makes the garments she needs, that is, what YOU, as a gorgeous customer, order.

She has a wonderful team of AGENTS working for her, selling the collections around the country. To get your hands on some of this deliciousness, simply CLICK HERE to find your nearest agent and head along to one of the showings.

Each agent has every style, in every colour, in every SIZE (8-14) so you can try before you buy. Once you place your order, the garments are normally with you in 3-5 weeks! Just in time for summer.

All these gorgeous Summer garments (and more) are available to order from THURSDAY the 30th of October for two weeks. 


Erina has also been kind enough to open her doors for an EXCLUSIVE Chasing Cait buying day (and I’ll be there too of course) on Thursday the 30th of October from 11am – 2pm.

So if you are in Auckland, please RSVP to me via email (caitlin@chasingcait.com) or call me on 0204 1545 240 by Tues Oct 28th.

Erina Emery invite

So have you spied your favourite piece from the collection yet? I still can’t choose! Too many good options – tell me your favourite in the comments below, I’d love to hear!

Until Next Time
In Love & Style Always
Cait xoxo