Guys! Oh man, such cool news!

So have you heard of Birdsnest online boutique? That’s ok if you haven’t, because I’m about to introduce you to them! (oh, and you can read THIS POST  on how Birdsnest is celebrating YOUR body).

But if you have, then you’ll be as excited about this new as I am……….

FOR A LIMITED TIME, WE HAVE FREE SHIPPING TO NZ!  Just use the code LOVECAIT and it’s all yours from March 6th – March 14th.

OK, so just incase you need a reminder on why it’s so amazing, I’ve got all the goss on this great Aussie institution….


WHAT is Birdsnest Online

So, think of the biggest, most easy-to-navigate, thought-of-every-way-to-shop site you can think of, and that is Birdsnest.

It’s an amazing online store, based in Cooma in New South Wales, designed to help you find the best outfits for your needs.

You can shop by SHAPE, OCCASION, CAPSULE, PERSONALITY, COLOUR and so many other ways.

They also show the majority of their items on several different sized gals, so you get a really good idea on what things will look like on your shape and size.

Here are a few cool pieces the amazing “birds” sent me, after I saw them on different sizes and shapes….

WHAT I’M WEARING: Boho Bird “Walking on Clouds” tee $49.95 | Boho Bird “With My Tribe” pants $109.95  {both gifted} Ziera Toni slides $199.95 (all prices in AUS $)

This relaxed high-low top and cool drop-crotch chambray pants are the ultimate “smart/casual” look that most of us love to wear everyday right?

The great thing about this top is that it works over your skinny pants too, so great heading into Autumn with ponte pants and a denim jacket, and the pants have that cool paper-bag waist (which is super-great and camouflaging mum-tum). I can see myself tucking in a lightweight knit, popping on a pair of ankle boots and rocking these well into Autumn.


WHY should I shop there?

Reason #1: Do you struggle with what to wear with what? Then make sure you check out Birdsnest’s Outfits page – it basically does all the styling for you, showing you amazing outfit for ANY occasion.

Reason #2: I mentioned before, showing the clothes on different shapes and sizes, well this is a BIG plus for me! Being able to relate to the person wearing the clothes (not matter what size you are) makes it much easier to shop.

Reason #3: Ummmmmmm FREE SHIPPING remember? (CAITLOVE is the code peeps)


WHAT can I get?

What CAN’T you get! There is literally something for every shape, size, occasion, and budget. Birdsnest have pretty much pulled together the best of the best Aussie labels, all in the one place for you to choose from.

And to answer that question more literally, you can get these gorgeous pieces too….

SHOP THE FROCK: Boho Bird “With You By My Side” Dress $129.95 {gifted}

This is the perfect dress for kicking up my heels in the Brisbane heat (which is where I am right now) as it’s light and floating (oh, and POCKETS!), but I’m also looking forward to layering it up with boots and jacket and scarf as the season turns.

SHOP THE LOOK: Boho Bird “Flying Free” top in white $79.95 (other colours available) {gifted} | Similar jeans: Boho Bird “Wild West” stitch leggings $129.95 | Sportsgirl Sunnies (old season) | Similar heels : StyleTread $79.95

This is the ultimate breastfeeding-friendly top! It pretty much opens up right up the middle (so invest in a cami). I love the tails at either side, super-flattering. The hubby/photographer even commented how tall I looked in this outfit! (side note: I’m 5ft 10. I am tall. But you know).

Pair this cool top with a fitted pencil skirt for a workwear look or stick to the good old jeans and trainers combo for a more casual feel.

Ok so! Have I convinced you about how amazing Birdsnest really is? Make sure you head over to their website right now and have a look around – and remember that FREE SHIPPING code until March 14th!


And then come back here and make sure you tell me what you bought!!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,