onlineI’m not one of those people who is scared of online shopping – no sir-ee! I know that a lot of people out there are. Most of my clients are, most of my friends are, my mum certainly is (although she called me the other day just to tell me that she bought her first pair of shoes online! They were exactly the same pair as a pair she already has…… think she kinda missed the point) anyway, I LOVE shopping online!

Firstly, it’s open 24/7. Yep, got an urge to shop at 9pm on a Sunday night? Great, jump online. Second, there is SOOOOO much more variety. No offence NZ, you know I love you, but your shopping can be limited at times. Online shopping has no borders (and even if they don’t ship to NZ or Aus, you can now use freight-forwarding sites like YouShop to get a US/UK postal address) so you can find almost anything you want, at any time of day or night, at almost any price.

But we are here to talk about one online store in particular, one of my personal faves – Based in the US (but with free shipping to NZ and Aus) Shopbop is FULL of designer clothes, shoes, accessories and home wares. But don’t fret about the ‘designer’ tag – there are HEAPS of bargains if you look for them, particularly in the sale section.

ChasingCait - shopbop homepage

Why Shopbop?

The biggest attraction of Shopbop to me is the variety of options available that aren’t here in NZ (or in Aus for that matter). From designer wedding gowns by Rheem Acra and Jenny Packham to Aussie casual label Mink Pink you can almost find anything you want on Shopbop.

User Experience

No matter what category you are searching through, you can choose to filter your search by, price, editors picks, you loves and user ratings. When you look closer at an item, it gives you several viewing options (including a video of most garments), the price in your currency and a link to the size chart for the designer.

Shipping is super-fast even to NZ and Aus! Shopbop use DHL so it is normally delivered within 5 working days of ordering! Love that couriers knock on the door (it’s just better if The Boy isn’t home to see that I’ve been shopping again…..eek!)

What to watch for

Online shopping CAN be tricky – make sure you know what your own measurements are so you can compare them to the size charts online, and always check the returns policy! Luckily, Shopbop has a great return policy – you have 30-days to return any unwanted items, but you do pay the cost of the return – which is fair enough.

Some of my fave Shopbop pieces

Here are a few of my faves I’ve picked up in the last year from


Heels – Diane von Furstenberg $162.50 (shop similar)

Watch – Marc Jacobs $175

Sunglasses – RayBan $100 (shop similar)

Cards – Inslee by Design $24.50

So these are just a few of my fave Shopbop pieces – I have to say that these sunnies are probably one of the best things I have ever bought! I love them and they get commented on daily.

Do you shop online? Where do you shop? What are your best tips for getting the right things online? I’d love for you to share in the comments below.

Until next time,

Love & Style Always

Cait xoxo

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