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So have you made your New Years Resolution list yet? How many have you already broken (it’s ok, we all do it – I had Maccas for breakfast on New Years Day for goodness sake!) but in all seriousness, the start of a New Year is definitely a time to stop and evaluate what worked, and what didn’t from years gone by.

It’s also a time to think about trying new things – and this is where I come in. It’s so easy to get stuck in a fashion rut! You might wear the same three things that sit at the top of the pile of clothes, you buy the same style in two different colours because it’s ‘safe’, you wear mostly black or maybe you never try anything new.

So! To get us all out of that rut, here are Five New Years Fashion & Style Resolutions to make your wardrobe more fun and exciting!

1. Shop your own wardrobe more

This is an easy one to start with! You’re wardrobe may have more un-discovered gems in it than you think!

When I’m helping clients clean out their wardrobes, they are always surprised at how much we KEEP! I’m a big fan of working, re-imagining and re-using what you’ve already got, just in a different way.

Jump on Pinterest (here is ‘my style’ board) for outfit inspiration, and see if there are things in your wardrobe you can use! I’m loving this new trend of wearing a scarf belted over a dress – Winter scarf + summer trend = new look, no money spent!!

Images courtesy of Pinterest

Images courtesy of Pinterest

2. Try one new style you’ve never tried

This is one of the best things about being a personal stylist – taking people ever so slightly out of their comfort zone and getting them to try something they normally wouldn’t – and they LOVE it!

Even though I talk a lot about body shapes and what suits which, I’m a firm believer in the idea that MOST people can wear MOST things – it’s all about HOW you wear it.

Don’t think you can wear the printed pants trend? It’s a matter of finding the right pants AND matching them with the right top, and the right shoes.

Try something new - like printed pants. You could even go wild and get the matching top!

Try something new – like printed pants. You could even go wild and get the matching top!

If you still aren’t sure, why not invest in a session with a stylist (I know a good one in Auckland 😉 ) – they can give you expert tips and advice on what is actually going to look good on you, and it might be something you’ve never thought of before!

3. Wear sequins in the day

I think I was a magpie in a past life – I love anything that sparkles! But most people think that glitter and shine is just for night time fun. Well poo hoo to that I say! If you want to wear sequins in the day, go ahead and do it!!


The trick is to keep everything else quite simple and classic so as not to look too OTT (over the top). Try a sequin singlet or blazer, with a pair of jeans. Or a sequin skirt with a simple tee – or even just look for a pair of sequin trainers – all fun ways to add a little sparkle and fun to your daytime looks don’t you think?

I’ve also saved you some of the research time, check out this post I wrote earlier in the week about metallics – a good place to kick-start this resolution!

4. Wear more bright lipstick

This is such an easy way to lift your look (and your day!). If you start the day feeling a little blah, add a pop of bright colour to your lips and you’ll be amazed how much more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed you feel!


If bright lippy isn’t something you normally do, why not make a pack with yourself to wear it at least once a week – once you get into the hang of it, you’ll be feeling lost on days you DON’T wear it!

And again, to help you on your way,I’ve tracked down my Top Five Bright Lippies of 2014 as a starting point – READ THE POST HERE.

5. Play along with a style dare

I LOVE me a style dare, they are great for giving you cues at to what to wear that day, like a theme (metallics, red lipstick, something on your head etc)

This was DARE-CEMER from Fox in Flats – the queen of style dares. She adds a new month every now and then….


Style Dares are great to get you out of a rut and thinking outside the box when you are getting dressed in the morning. And because you get the whole month in advance, you can also plan ahead the night before.

For some other style dares, check out Kimba Likes and Redcliffe Style’s #styleitproject – where they choose one garment a month for you to then style in your own way, and also What the Teacher Wears and her #printedpantsThursday – you can also play along with Sonia Styling’s #soniastylinghappyhour even though it’s not technically a style dare…… 😉

So five New Years Fashion Resolutions for you to think about – which ones do you think you’ll take on board? (I think go for ALL of them! I’m certainly going to). Tell me in the comments below, I’d love to hear – and cheers to the New Year!

Until Next Time,
In Love & Style Always


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