Do you have date night at your house? We have date night at our house! Yes, even though we are now married, I still think it’s important to keep date night going (plus it means I don’t have to cook dinner – bonus!)

Not dating? Not married? Then Date Night is even more fun for you! I’ve been living vicariously through a girlfriend who is still on the dating scene, even doing my best to play cupid (it’s a slow process, I’m still working on it) – plus I’ll totally be tuning into New Zealand’s first series of The Bachelor with all my girlfriends to watch the in’s and out’s of dating on national TV! (Will you be too?)

Out on date night with my hubby!

But whether you are married, dating or single, the pressure to look the part on Date Night can be a little scary. So I thought I’d share some of my expert tips on nailing your outfit (pun intended…..) on Date Night.

1. Dress For Yourself

I constantly ask my husband if he likes something I’m wearing or not, and his answer is ALWAYS the same. “Honey I think you look amazing when you are confident, so if you love what you are wearing, I love what you are wearing!“.

I totally married the right guy didn’t I 🙂

If you are a jeans + tee girl, then wear a jeans and tee! Don’t try and be someone you think your date wants you to be.

If you are uncomfortable in what you are wearing, your date is going to notice that. If you feel AWESOME in what you are wearing, that is going to shine through and the date is going to be a whole lot more enjoyable

If you ARE a jeans and tee girl, here is how you could dress it up a little for a date…..

Jeans on date night

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2. Dress for the Situation

One of the things I’m looking forward to watching on The Bachelor are those mystery dates he takes the girls on…. but one of the most awkward things about that is when they are TOTALLY wearing the wrong outfit! (Makes it more fun to watch though right?)

If you know you are doing something active, don’t wear a short skirt and heels.  And speaking of heels, don’t “break them in” on a date either! Blisters are not a good look.

If you aren’t sure on the dress code, go somewhere in between. The jeans+heels look above would work, as would this wee outfit too….

casual dress for date night

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3. Have fun!

It’s hard enough getting up and getting dressed every day for normal life, let alone with the added pressure of Date Night!

Have fun with what you are wearing! I LOVE date night in our house,  I use it as an excuse to wear something that I wouldn’t wear in my daily life. Even if it’s just going to the movies, or to a casual dinner – wear that sequin blazer, or that fun pair of heels that you are saving for “a special occasion” or that bright and beautiful kaftan that just doesn’t make the cut in the work wardrobe.

Here are a few fun things around at the moment that would be fun for a Date Night outfit!

Fun date night look

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So whether you are a newlywed, newly single or have been together forever, you can still have fun dressing up on date night, just remember to be yourself!

What is your go-to date night outfit? Tell me in the comments below!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always


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