Now I’m going to be straight up with you, I’m not REALLY that much of a lipstick girl most of the time, mainly because I feel like I’m going to talk it off!

BUT, I do love using a bright lippy to add a bit of pop and colour to an outfit, whether it’s heading to the shops with a personal styling client, attending an event, or just heading to brunch with my love.

So to help celebrate the launch of Estée Lauder’s new Pure Colour Envy Hi-Lustre Sculpting Lipstick range (on counters now!), I’ve put together a little guide that I use for matching (or clashing) my lipstick colours with what I’m wearing – and I’ve got the GORGEOUS new colours in this Pure Envy range to do it with!


Nothing adds a boost of WOW to strong colours like a red lipstick! I mean, every girl should own one right?

The trick is finding the RIGHT red for your skin tone so don’t be afraid to ask at your nearest Estée Lauder counter for a little help in choosing the right one.

Drop Dead Red match_Esteelauder

MATCH: Estée Lauder Colour Envy “Drop Dead Red” RRP $61 + Gorman Wild Side Swing shirt $169

I love the clash of the strong print and colour of this Gorman dress with the bright red, way to make a statement alright?

You could also just pop your red lipstick back with a bold black and white too.


BRIGHT AND BOLD with Pretty Shocking

So this is more about the accessories but there is just something that I LOVE about turquoise with a bold pink or red! I love it when celebs do it on the red carpet, and I love it in everyday life too.

Pretty Shocking match_EsteeLauder

MATCH: Estée Lauder Colour Envy “Pretty Shocking” RRP $61 + Colette by Colette Hayman earrings $8.99

It doesn’t have to always be about matching your clothes – think about your accessories as something you can match your makeup to. These two gorgeous colours work really well together – they are both fun and bright, and it doesn’t really matter what else you are wearing them with! (although a gorgeous white shirt could be a good place to start……)


FLORALS FOR SPRING with Thrill Seeker

When wearing a print, one thing I LOVE to do is to pull out and match a colour that isn’t as obvious at first. Sometimes that can be with an accessory like a necklace or scarf, sometimes it’s another piece of clothing (like wearing a blue knit top with a printed skirt) or sometimes you can do it with your lipstick choice.

Thrill Seeker Match_EsteeLauder

MATCH: Estée Lauder Colour Envy “Thrill Seeker” RRP $61 + Little Party Dress floral maxi dress $59.95

When I say this gorgeous colour I INSTANTLY knew what dress I’d be wearing it with! How perfect is the match! I love this dress, I wore it over my baby bump like a coat, and will be perfect for feeding over summer so I can’t wait to pull out my Thrill Seeker lippy to go with it!

NATURAL AND PRETTY with Bold Innocent

Sometimes you don’t want to make a BIG statement with your lips, you might want to focus on your eyes, or just rock the ‘no-make-up’ look (does that take anyone else 3 times as long to nail? or is it just me haha!).

This soft, pretty pastel pink is the perfect choice just to add a little boost of colour to your lip without drawing too much attention to it.

Bold Innocent Match_EsteeLauder


MATCH: Estée Lauder Colour Envy “Thrill Seeker” RRP $61 + Jeanswest “Tegan” off shoulder stripe top $69.99

 It will work beautifully with almost anything you choose to wear, but I love the idea of playing on the soft pastel theme and matching it back with either some winter-time neutrals, a cream jacket, or a white knit, or come Spring, some of the gorgeous soft blues and whites that we will see a whole lot of (bring on Spring I say)

These are just a few of the gorgeous colours that Estée Lauder have released for Spring (there are 12 colours in the Pure Color Envy Hi-Lustre Sculpting Lipsticks and 5 in the vivid Pure Color Envy Vinyl Lip Colours).

I love the finish of the lipsticks, the have a gorgeous luminous finish, (so not matte) that just adds a subtle colour to your lips rather than a solid block colour, so great for everyday wear – plus the new Optical Pearl Blend helps your lips look fuller (I always find that my lips look fuller with a slight sheen in my lipstick, know what I mean?)

So many pretty colours, I can’t wait to rock them once I start to leave the house again! (Did I mention my gorgeous little baby girl arrived last week? A pop of lippy is JUST what I need to wake my face up right now haha!).

Now it’s your turn, I’d love to hear your favourite lippy + outfit combo. Are you are “match your lips to your nails girl”? or do you like to mix it up? Tell me in the comments below!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,


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