You know you wore one too!

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago in ancient fashion history (like the 50’s), fashion trends dictated the hem-length of skirts. Below the knee, about the knee, pencil-skirts, dirndl skirts – whatever the trend was at the time, was the skirt you wore. Thank goodness nowadays, practically everything is in (except maybe for those bubble skirts with the bike-pants attached….c’mon, you know you had them…. I did!). Thank goodness too because we all have different body-shapes and different types of skirts work best of certain shapes and sizes.

So in honor of Spring (yay!!) I thought I would talk about the three skirt lengths around at the moment, who they suit, and how to wear them.


Defining the ‘length’ on a mini may have some variations but for us ‘old codgers’ like me, anything about the knee is mini (anything where you can see what you had for breakfast is a belt, and you need to put on some pants!). There are a couple of ways to rock a mini skirt; wear it with some cute little sandals, a fun top and some playful jewellery for a summertime “I’m just heading to the beach, or the shops, or the bar – whatev’s” look. Like so:

1) Fedora $25.99 from City Beach. 2) Country Road seamless singlet $29.95. 3) ForeverNew skirt $69.95. 4) Witchery ‘Mia’ sandals $99.95

Or, rock a mini out at night – high heels are awesome with a mini (they make your legs look longer, ergo, skinnier) but you need to balance out showing off all the leg, so the chunkier the heel, the better. Add a structured blazer to the look to give you a little inch of  covered skin (it’s legs or breasts ladies, this is not KFC) and hey presto! A hot nighttime glam look. Like so:

1) American Vintage blazer $169 (from 2) Witchery textured mini skirt $99. 3) LilyRose heels $253 from



So the midi length has just started to make an appearance back on the fashion scene. This is a hem length that you really have to wear with a heel (or at least a wedge) because it tends to break one of the rules of flattering your body: hems should sit just above or just below the knee. A midi length skirt will usually sit just below the knee or on the calf. If you are tall AND thin (well, we hate you) you can probably get away with wearing your midi with a flat, but for the rest of us, a wedge or a heel is that way to go.

Some of my favourite midi skirt looks (photos courtesy of pintrest)

So how do we all look so effortlessly chic? (Good question, when you work it out let me know, yeah?) No really, it’s easy!

1. Find a midi skirt that you love

2. team it back with a fitted t-shirt or singlet/cami (this is all about balance – volume on the bottom half, fitted on the top half). A bodysuit (see image below) is also another good option for a skirt – generally you should tuck in whatever top you are wearing, and a bodysuit just saves you having to do that!

3. find some gorgeous wedges or sturdy heels to elongate you leg ( notice how all three girls are wearing a nude shoe – this makes EVERYONE’S legs look longer – invest. Now)

4. Stroll around the streets of NYC looking effortlessly chic (see, I told you it was easy)

A hot bodysuit works perfectly under a midi skirt – team with tan accessories – these will suit most colours 1) Spencer Lacy bodysuit $20 – sale. 2) Portmans midi skirt $79.95. 3) Witchery tan belt $39.95. 4) Country Road wedges $199.95



Hands down my fave kind of skirt. (It helps that I am almost 7ft in heels, well not quite but I am taller than your average bear). Same principles apply with the fit of a maxi skirt – fitted on top, loose on the bottom.

Now when I say maxi, I mean MAXI – none of this ankle-skimming ‘oops my skirt (dress) looks like it shrunk in the wash and it’s just not long enough now’ business. Maxi skirts should touch (or almost) touch the ground.

If you are a little more challenged in the height department, find some good wedges, or a good tailor, or to be honest, find a nice midi length skirt. I hate to say it ladies but maxi skirts are not for everyone, I’m just being honest with you, you do have to have a little bit of height to pull one off.

Now before you pull me over hot coals, let me explain: if you are shorter than the average bear you want to make yourself look taller, by wearing a maxi skirt, you are cutting your frame in half, when you really want to give the illusion that your torso, legs, and everything in between is longer than it really is.

The way around this problem? A maxi DRESS can be your new best friend. Find one that is all one colour, and quite fitted (too much volume with swamp you) and you are on your way to maxi heaven.

But if you do have the height (average height is fine, you don’t have to be Giselle) here are some of my favourite maxi skirt options, in fact, I already own two of them. Can you guess which two?

So not that I am bias or anything but NOBODY does a maxi like Sacha Drake! 1.) Sacha Drake ‘Frieda’ maxi skirt $299. 2) Country Road jersey maxi skirt $149. 3) pleated maxi skirt AUS $88. 4) Sacha Drake Stretch Convertible Maxi skirt $199


Phew! Sorry, that was a long one! I guess I just have lots to say on choosing the right skirt (actually, I have a lot to say on most things, so that shouldn’t surprise you….)

What is your favorite length skirt? Will you trying a different length this spring? If so, which one?