So I popped into Kmart the other day to grab some socks and trackies (it’s freezing at the moment!!). The aim was in and out in 5 minutes (which if you have even been shopping with me, never happens!) but I may have got slightly distracted….

Oooooh! Some plain black leggings for $12 (you can never have enough black leggings – but remember – they are NOT pants). Wow, there is a really cool sequined singlet…what? it’s only $8!?!?!? Hmmmm, there are some really good pieces here, and they are REALLY affordable…. There is a blog post in this.

So what I decided standing there in the women’s clothing section of Kmart, was to give myself a $100 style challenge (Andrea, this was inspired by you!). I had $100 to spend on finding a great selection of winter pieces that would add to my existing wardrobe. I want to show you guys that style is not expensive, it’s about finding pieces that suit you and mixing and matching them with what you already have in your OWN way.

So here is what I got (and sorry about the photos! I’m not a fan of taking pictures of myself, but I need to put my money where my mouth is sometimes and show you what I mean)…..

1 pair olive leggings ($12)

Kmart olive leggings $12

Now I know I just said that you can never have enough black leggings but I think I need to branch out. Other coloured leggings are hard because black are both versatile and flattering but I have a lot of navy in my winter wardrobe and olive works really nicely with navy so I thought I’d give them a go.

My plan was to match them back with a few of the tunics that I already have in my wardrobe, like this navy and white paisley-print tunic from Witchery.

Kmart olive leggings with Witchery tunic, Sportsgirl hat and Novo wedges

Navy and white striped 3/4 sleeve t-shirt ($15)

Kmart striped t-shirt $15

What a great laying piece! Did I mention that I like navy and white stripes?!?! I think half my winter wardrobe has some sort of navy stripe in it. Interestingly, this top is actually a size 16 (I’m normally a size 12) but I thought that I would buy it slightly larger and that way I can layer it with a singlet underneath, and it’s also a slight bit longer (and covers the top of my jeans). I just scored a hot faux fur vest (which you will see in a sec) that I thought would be great over this top with jeans and boots so purchase 2 in the trolley!

Tan and black striped dress ($19)

Kmart stiped dress $19

Not normally the most flattering neckline on me but the diagonal stripes are amazing! So flattering! They draw the eye more up and down than across the body. My other thought was to wear it with black leggings or opaque tights and a black blazer.

Kmart striped dress with Cotton On blazer and SpencerLacy leggings

The idea of the blazer is to create a vertical line down the body, drawing attention away from the higher-than-desired neckline of the dress. This will also be a great piece to carry into summer on its own with some cute wedges.

Tan and black printed dress ($19)

Kmart black and tan print dress $19

I had to look at the price tag three times to make sure I was processing the price of this! That cannot be right! $19 for this hot little number!? Yes please, I’ll have 3! So this is almost a dressier version of the previous dress and I would probably wear it in a similar way (leggings/tights and blazer) but I could not get over the value for money. This frock will definitely take me from a nice, casual daytime frock to quite a sexy nighttime dress. $19!!

So the next two pieces are still part of my $100 challenge but came from cheap chic chain store SES (all bought in the same shopping trip though)

Faux Fur vest ($14.95)

Faux Fur vest from SES $14.95

I have been on a mission for a faux fur vest all winter! (I am a sucker for a trend sometimes) I have tried on several and have liked a few but I also have the guilts sometimes spending a bit of cash on a trend piece that I KNOW I am only going to wear a few times so I have held off until now. This hot little vest was also available in black and cream but I thought since I have so much navy and white (did I mention I like navy and white stripes at the mo?) the brown/taupe colour would probably work the best. (Although I had to try it on a few times to work out if I actually liked it because I’m not normally a brown person – verdict? Yes I love!).

SES faux fur vest with Kmart top, Nobody jeans and Jag boots

In fact I like it so much I am wearing it today with my striped navy and white top from Kmart, a pair of ink Nobody jeans and my fave black Jag riding boots.

Black tunic top with gold detail ($19.95)

SES black tunic $19.95

Actually the most expensive item in the whole challenge. Originally I tried this on in olive, but I thought that I would probably get more wear out of the black (thinking of laying with the olive tights).

Colette gold and black bangles and necklace

I love this tunic because unlike most tunics out there, this one has a defined waist. I can belt it with a contrasting colour belt or I can even tuck it into a maxi skirt and wear it as a blouse. Quite a versatile little piece (and the gold button and zip details will match really nicely with my black and gold jewellery that I picked up recently from Colette – think a grownup Diva)

So have you done the sums yet? My grand total?? $99.90!!!! What an awesome injection into my winter (and next summers) wardrobe. Kmart has got the goods! Target, Best & Less, Big W – don’t discount the discounters for some great fashion fun!

Have you bagged a bargain this winter?

What is your best department store buy?