it might be a new year, but you don’t have to be a “new you” – you can be the same fantastic you as you’ve always been!

Any maybe that same fantastic you wants to elevate their style a little in 2023, and I think that’s bloody awesome, good on you!

I can’t wait to see what 2023 brings for you and your style, and to give you some motivation and inspiration, I wanted to share with you my style predictions for 2023.

Take them as you like, as a guide, as inspiration, or if one doesn’t float your style boat, thats ok too!


Cait is sitting in a black sequin blazer holding a book that says "how not to wear black"

I can’t tell you how much this makes my heart sing with joy! I LOVE colour! And the best bit about this trend is that there is literally a colour for everyone.

There are no specific colours that are on trend, COLOUR is the trend so work out what colours bring you joy and ROCK them!

You don’t have to go head to toe in bright pink to get on board with this look, if you want to start small, there are heaps of amazing accessories to get you started too.


The sister-trend of colour is FUN!

We’re seeing bright colours, cool prints, amazing fabrics! Style is such a powerful way to express yourself, and I think we’ll see this message coming through loud and clear in 2023.

From outlandish prints, to co-ord sets to sequins in the day, I think people are rebelling against the casualness of lockdowns and are coming out swinging with fun and fearless fashion choices.

I know I’m certainly going to have more fun with my style this year.


Never before has PERSONAL style been so “in”. Whatever works for you goes, and I’m here for it! One of the biggest joys of my job is helping people work out what their own personal style looks like, and giving them the ability to express it.

There are no longer strict rules around hem lengths, or skirt shapes – the joy of the individual is so much more important now!

Brands are offering so much more diversity in what is available to you too. There really is, more than ever, something for everyone out there, no strict rules, or trends that we all have to adhere to. Sometimes you just need a little help finding them (I can help with that!)



Styling You The Label is a great brand at showcasing diversity in their advertising

This is a LONG overdue trend, but finally we are seeing more are more diversity in advertising and brand marketing of clothes.

We are starting to be able to see ourselves more in the people that brands are using to showcase their clothes. EVERY body is a perfect body, and there are definitely more different shapes, sizes, skintones represented, but we also need to continue to push for more and more diversity. I’d love to see more people with disabilities, gender-fluid models, different aged models (and not just “appropriate” for the brand demographic)

The most important way to keep this going is to support brands that support diversity!


As we step into 2023, we’re seeing a sense of rebellion against the lounge-wear trends resulting from world-wide lockdowns over the past few years. We now have people to see, places to go and we’re starting to get the urge to dress up again!

Don’t fight it, brands will be encouraging you to dress up more, with more elevated options – embrace it! You’re the one that can decide ‘how dressy it too dressy’ (the answer is “NEVER” btw).

If you want to wear sequins in the day, rock them! Blazers are always a good idea and try switching out your jandals for a pair of leather sandals this summer, just step your style up a little.

Don’t save the good for good, wear the clothes you love everyday, bring a little joy by elevating your style.

I used the word “trends” loosely in this blog, you might know by now that I don’t really believe in them. But I do think these style predictions can give you some motivation and inspiration when you’re peering into your wardrobe wondering what to wear every morning.

What do you think of these predictions? Which one has you most excited? Tell me in the comments below!

In Love & Style Always