It’s cold where I live. I know I keep saying that, but it is! I always find that my skin reacts differently in winter, some of it (my face) seems to get oily-er, and the rest of it (my whole body besides my face) seems to get dryer. This means that my beauty routine is a little different than it is in Summer (plus I’m just lazier in winter because no one needs to see my legs haha), and I’ve found a few new products that have very quickly made it to the top of my list for you to try!

Here are some new goodies (and a few old faves) that have made my must-have winter beauty buys.

5 fave

1. Vision Silky Olive Oil Cleanser $24.99

This is a product that has only recently been bought to my attention, but it is one worth investigating – especially if you are into natural and organic skincare. Not only is it eco-friendly, it feels really luxurious to me. It comes in a glass jar and to use it, you wet your fingers and swirl it around the top on the mixture until enough softens for you to rub into your face.

2. Trilogy Botanical Body Wash $29.90

The smell says it all (well the smell smells it all really…) It smells yummy therefore I like it. Oh and it’s light and non-drying on the skin and it smells yummy.

3. Garnier BB cream (oil free) $12.99

I’ve talked about this product a few times before, and it’s still at the top of my list of fave beauty products of all time! I can’t remember the last time I used a full foundation  – this stuff is the bomb! For those of you who’ve missed the BB cream buzz (I was going to say for those of you living under a rock, but that would be mean…….oops) BB creams combine a moisturiser and a sunscreen with a foundation and skin-evening pigment – in a nut shell, it’s awesome. Get some now.

4. Viva La Juicy fragrance $116

Big into smells I am. This was an unexpected find! I got sent an amazing package called a Glam Pack from NZ company Sample Bar (read all about it here) and one of the samples was a little vial of this – it had me at the first spray. The official notes say a top note of wild berries and mandarin with undertones of  amber, caramel, vanilla and pralineI. I say it smells like the life I want to have! It just one of those smells – yum!

5. La’Bonic Organic Sebum-balancing Serum $39.50

It has the word ‘serum’ in it so it must be good right? No really, when someone I know was telling me about this, they mentioned that it may be too drying for my skin, but once I told them how oily my skin can get, they couldn’t recommend it highly enough! Basically it’s another organic product that uses natural remedies to treat and manage your skin – tea tree oil, echinachea and camomille are the three main ingredients, aimed at balancing oil levels and reducing irritation and redness (and if that doesn’t work, it sounds like it will make a great tea… no, kidding!) This is a must-have for the bathroom cabinet if your skin is at all temperamental.


These are just a few of the yummy, lovely, nice-smelly, feel-silky products that make getting through winter that little bit easier.  I’ve still got my beauty training-wheels on so the more you tell me about what you love, the more I’ll learn too so I’d love to hear about your fave winter beauty buys too!

Tell me in the comments section below

Cait xo


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