So I’m half way through the an amazing two weeks in The Stylist’s Wardrobe free Styling Sessions here at Shore City in Takapuna and having a blast!

A few of the lovely customers that have come to visit me have asked me to pick some of my favourite pieces I’ve got in my wardrobe, so I thought I’d share them with all of you here!

I’ve got over 100 items in The Stylist’s Wardrobe set-up at Shore City, so it was hard to choose, but I’ve given it a red-hot go!

Here are three of my faves, along with how to style them, and who should wear it!

1. The Max Tunic Top $139.99

max tunic

doh! it’s now sold out online but make sure you visit your local Max store, I know there are some left!

There are just so many things that are right about the tunic.

The colour will flatter most complexions, the black detail adds a touch of sophistication, and it is THE perfect shape and length to wear back with your ponte pants (they are next on the list….).

Make sure when you try it on, look at the back! There is a gorgeous detail that makes this tunic super-special.

I would also suggest trying down a size – you want the shoulder seam to sit right ON your shoulder, not hanging off the top.

Also if you feel like it’s a little too much fabric for you, try rolling the sleeves up to expose your wee wrists – it’s always a more flattering length.

Who does it suit? In a nutshell, EVERYONE! The shape through the back defines your waist for all you Hourglasses and Pears, the long line down the front will give you gorgeous Apples some tummy coverage and for you lucky Column shapes, you can show off your fabulous legs with the ponte pants underneath, and you know you rock a collared shirt.

This is for sure my number one pick right now!

2. Ponte Pants – from anywhere

Ponte pants

BUY THE PONTE PANTS: (l-r) Glassons elastic insert ponte pants $39.99 | Jacqui E core ponte ankle slim pant $89.95 | Laura Ashley ponte pants with zip seam $129.00

I counted yesterday, I have 9 pairs of Ponte Pants in The Stylist’s Wardrobe at the moment! They are THE only pants you’ll need for winter.

So what IS ponte? Well it’s just a thick, stretchy jersey-like fabric, usually in black (but there are other colours too).

What’s so awesome about ponte is that is has STRETCH – so it will fit to your shape, but it has STRUCTURE – so it will give your body the support it needs when wearing something more fitted.

Ok, now HOW do you wear them? Well, you know when you have a top or a tunic that feels too long to wear with regular pants, but too short to wear with tights? THEN!

Most ponte pants are not quite pants – they can be a little exposing, so slightly longer tops are advisable.

Saying that, the Jacqui E pants in the middle above, are much more like pants, so a shorter top, or a tucked in blouse would be fine – use your own judgement to some extent too.

Pair them back with ankle boots, trainers or even knee high boots in the height of winter and you will be warm, toasty and comfortable!

3. Portmans merino knit top $69.95

Merino knit from portmans

This simple, sweet knit is one of the most useful items I’ve got in The Stylist’s Wardrobe at the moment! Everything about it works on so many people.

First of all the colour – they call it navy, but I can see teal…. it’s a flattering shade on practically everyone! Especially those who shouldn’t really wear black next to their faces.

Second, it’s 100% merino – so great for keeping warm in the height of Winter. If merino next to your skin itches you, then just throw a simple cotton cami underneath.

The third thing I love about this knit is the hem.If you look closely, you can see that it curves UP at the front, and DOWN at the back. The is a super-flattering feature to look for on any knit.

It creates a much softer line across the hip – not drawing attention so much to the width of your legs, but drawing the eye up and in, making your legs appear slimmer.

I’ve paired it back with a big statement necklace to help break up the high neckline (a scarf would have the same effect). This is particularly important if you are bigger in the bust – you want to divide up the surface area across your boobs to minimise that area.

So there are just three of the many pieces I’m loving in The Stylist’s Wardrobe set-up at Shore City at the moment – all such useful and versatile styles to have in your wardrobe this winter.


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Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always