I’m not normally a fan of  ‘fashion rules’ – I think professional advice should be taken as just that, advice, that can be acted on, or not. Most fashion ‘rules’ can – and should’ be broken! BUT I do thing there are THREE fundamental rules of style that every woman should know, and adhere to.

Here they are:

rule 1a

I’ve just written another post on this point (read it here). A girlfriend of mine called to ask if there was a stylish way to wear UGGS – the answer, my friends, is NO.

This is a slightly controversial stance, and I’ve only just come to living in a colder climate, but I just don’t think they belong outside!

Would you wear your dressing gown to do the grocery shopping? No, then why would you wear your winter slippers – because that’s all UGGs are.

For me, it’s all about having a little bit of respect for not only yourself, but for the people who have to deal with you. How would you feel if someone turned up to your workplace in their PJ’s?

There is a time and a place for UGGS – it’s just not in public. The End.

rule 2

Again, some people might not agree with me, but ladies – I don’t need to see your bum.

There are heaps of other alternatives to wearing leggings as pants – skinny jeans, ponte pants (watch this space for a blog post JUST on ponte pants – and if you don’t know what they are – google it – now) and even jeggings are ok.

How to tell if you are wearing leggings as pants? Simple. If the dress/top you are wearing is long enough to cover your crotch then it’s ok to wear with just a legging.


leggings as pants

rule 3

This is more about sticking to the classics that ACTUALLY wearing black all the time.

Think of Audrey Hepburn in her little black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s – nothing will ever top that.

Black, if done right, always looks chic, it’s timeless, and it’s easy! (Which is why most of us wear it!) It’s that little black dress that you always feel good in. It’s those amazing black leather boots that you wear all winter long, and it’s that slimming classic swimsuit that always makes you feel two sizes smaller.

Now I know that I have mentioned before that black doesn’t always suit everyone, but that’s only if you wear it right next to your face. If you find that black can be a little harsh on you, try wearing it with a bright coloured scarf or necklace up next to your face to break it up.


Do you agree with my three style rules? What are your style rules that you stick to, or do you think anything goes? I’d love to hear!

Cait xo


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