I feel like 2021 has been the year of ‘never say never’ when it comes to fashion with me.

You know all those “rules” that we have in or head about what we can and can’t wear? For me, it mostly applies to colours. Traditionally, I’m a cooler tone, so anything with a warm, or yellow base doesn’t suit me (it can make me look sick).

So with the big neutral trend that’s around, at first I thought that i’d have to give it a miss because, you know, not my colours.

Turns out, I was wrong. I’m LOVING wearing neutrals (but I’m still generally sticking to cooler tones versions) and that includes a classic that has been re-invented this season – the camel- coloured coat.

I’ve added three (and counting) to my winter wardrobe, plus a long-line cardigan, and I can already see them all being on repeat all season.

The trick for me (as a cooler tone) is to make sure I’m wearing a fresh colour like white, or a dominant colour like black WITH the more neutral shades, that way I’m not being washed out.

So seeing as I’m totally loving this classic coat trend, I wanted to share the love with some of my faves you can get your hands on right now.


1. Max Trench Coat $179.99 | 2. Kmart knit trench coat $42.00 | 3. Zara buttoned coat $219.004. Trenery merino button front coat $349.00 | 5. Max “Ultimate” coat $299.99 | 6. Glassons longline button front coat $129.99 | 7. Belle & Bloom coat from The Iconic $320 | 8. CottonOn oversized coat $94.99 | 9. Moochi “assist” coat $659.99 | 10. EziBuy classic coat $149.99

And if you’re after some extra styling tips on how to work a camel coat into your wardrobe, here’s a wee video on how to style a camel-coloured trench five different ways.

Did you find a favourite? Tell me in the comments below

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always