It FINALLY hit the beach on the weekend – it was amazing. I even went for a swim (it was 16 degrees – yes I’m mad, blame my mother, she’s part fish).

BUT with the warmer weather, and more time in the sun, comes a higher risk of damaging your skin. NZ in particular, has a surprisingly harsh sun (as an Aussie from The Sunshine State, I was, and still am, constantly surprised by this) so it’s really important to think of all the different ways to keep your skin looking refreshed, hydrated and youthful!

Never fear though, I’ve done hours of playing ehm, testing and I’ve come up with FIVE amazing products that will help save your skin this Spring!

1.  Modere Skin Brightener $46.00*

This is a company I hadn’t heard of until a friend of mine sent me some products over (thanks Heather!) and man am I glad she did! The brand has been around for 25 years and they pride themselves on creating beautiful, natural products that actually work. No nasty chemicals, never tested on animals and highest quality ingredients.

The Skin Brightener is a gorgeous gel-like moisturiser for face and body that absorbs quickly (major tick for me!) and is designed to even out your skin tone – especially great for that décolletage area.

Get it here: Modere Skin Brightener $39.95 (plus if you enter code 790224 you’ll get $10 off your first order!)

2. Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate $98.00*

Kiehls-Daily-Reviving-Concentrate-ReviewSo we’ve all heard about the benefits of nighttime serums and oils, but Kiehl’s have gone one step further and created a daytime formula!

And to answer the most important question first? No it’s not oily at all! It absorbs right away.!

Filled with yummy ingredients like Ginger Root Oil, Tamanu and Sunflower Seed Botanical Oil – this ‘magic in a bottle’ has been created to help revitalize your skin and help reduce the signs of skin fatigue (you know when your skin looks amazing when you leave the house, but you look like you’ve aged 5 years in a day by the time you get home? Yup. This is for that!)

You only need 2-3 drops so the wee bottle will last for ever. Well worth the investment in your skin.

Available at all good department stores in Aus and NZ

3. Inika eye makeup remover $35.99

inika eye makeup remover

I recently put a call-out to the love Jo at Vanilla Bloom online boutique and asked her expert opinion on the best eye makeup remover, this is what she came back with and man is she SPOT ON.

Not only is this little gem certified organic, it actually works. It comes in a cream form that you just pump onto a cotton pad and wipe the day away. (Plus it’s safe to use on lash extensions as it isn’t oil-based)

Get it here: Inika certified organic eye makeup remover $35.99

4. Alpha-H Liquid Gold $65.00*

liquid gold_skin saviour

The name kinda says it all – it really is!

This product is a great addition to your skincare routine especially at this time of year. With all the sunscreen and makeup building up and clogging pores, the active ingredient in this, Glycolic Acid, is THE MAN when it comes to really giving your skin a good clean. I’m addicted!

Read more about it here, and get your hands on it here

5. Clinique Acne Solutions BB cream with SPF 40 $50*

Clinique Anti-blemish BB cream - skin savioursSOOOOO many BB and CC creams on the market (I should know, I have about a gazillion of them!) but as it warms up, and I start to sweat, and my skin feels oiler (not in a good way) I reach for this little beauty.

Not only does it have an SPF 40 level of protection, it’s specifically designed for blemish-prone skin (when did I get to that age when suddenly I have pimples AND wrinkles!?!?). The formula is mattifying, so no need to apply powder, and it doesn’t go shiny half-way through the day when the powder disappears.

Definitely a Spring/Summer essential for me. Available at all Clinique counters in Aus and NZ

Bonus local find: Caroline at Skin Perfector in Herne Bay

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 10.27.03 amThis amazing lady has been looking after my skin for the last two years and she always knows JUST what it needs! If your skin is feeling flat, looking tired or you just need some TLC, this is your lady, PLUS as a little HELLO, Caroline would like to offer Chasing Cait readers a in-depth skin analysis and 45 minute bespoke treatment for just $99! Just mention that you are a Chasing Cait reader and call her to book in on 021 274 1919.

Ok. let’s recap – here are my top 5 Spring Skin Saviours all in the one place!

Skin Saviours for Spring

Save Your Skin: 1. Modere Skin Brightener $39.95 | 2. Clinique Acne Solutions BB cream $50 | 3. Inika eye makeup remover $35.99 | 4. Alpha H Liquid Gold $65 | 5. Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate $89

Spring skin sorted! Any other tips or products you love at this time of year? I’d love to know!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,



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