I LOVE me a Boxing Day sale! Sadly, this year, I’m taking one for the team and sitting them out (the wedding is in less than a month, so no spendy spendy for me!).

BUT that doesn’t mean you have to miss out  on the craziness and bargains! Now you have to go in with a plan, this isn’t just some normal shopping expedition – I mean there are some crazies out there and I want you to get the best out of the sales….


So, just for you, here my top 5 tips on how to shop the Boxing Day sales like a pro……

1. Choose your day and time well

shopping-festivalThis might sound a little backwards for the “Boxing Day” sales, but stick with me on this one. Yes there are great bargains to be had today, but EVERY man and his 7 children will also be hitting the shops. Why not wait for tomorrow, or the next day.

The stores aren’t going to run out of stuff, in fact, they often keep some stock OFF the floor to re-stock the next day. If you have specific things you’re after (see number 3) why not wait until the end of the day when everyone else has gone home in a shopping-induced stupor, the stores will be less manic.

Also, if you have extreme patience, hold off a week or two – most stores will actually start discounting MORE over the coming weeks as they try and clear their Summer stock (trust me, I worked in retail for years and I would say the sweet spot is about mid-Jan. Take my word for it, you won’t regret it!)

2. Wear something comfortable and know your size

Make sure what you are wearing is easy to take on and off! I would also recommend a top and skirt/shorts rather than a dress (in case you just want to try on a top or bottom half etc). The quicker you are in and out of the change rooms, the better it is for EVERYONE.

Also, if you are shopping at a store you know well, and the lines are crazy-long, check the return policy first, and then maybe just buy it. I NORMALLY wouldn’t advocate this, but if you a) have already tried it on earlier in the season and then seen it on sale, or b) are comfortable that you are pretty much always a size 12 in Country Road, JUST BUY IT! you can always take it back later on.

PS. Slip on shoes are best, so you don’t have to find a seat to try shoes on. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve wasted with styling clients when they have to lace and un-lace their shoes 16 times!

3. Write a list – do your research

Most stores are online these days (so you could even just stay home and shop the sales!) so do your research before you leave.

If you really want to a) try things on and b) see them in the flesh, have a look online before hand and write a list of things you want to get. There is no point wandering around the stores just looking “because it’s the sales”. If you don’t need it (or REALLLLLLLLY want it) then why add another body to the masses at the mall on Boxing Day?

It’s easy to get distracted and just start buying stuff “oh, these 4 inch heels are such a FAB colour…. I’m sure they’ll look great on the kindy run”…… yep, I’ve actually heard someone say that.

4. Check the return policies

This kinda relates to point 2. If you are dreading standing in the looooooooong lines to the change rooms, check the return policy – if you can return it for a FULL refund (sometimes you can’t with sale items) then in this circumstance, just buy the thing and move onto the next store.

5. Have a budget

picture-of-piggy-bank-with-pennies-photoIf you’re anything like me, you can get a little ‘bargain-drunk’! “Oh it’s only $20!” But you need to ask yourself, if it was $20 FULL PRICE would you still get it?

It’s really easy to get caught up in the hype of the sales (there is definitely a natural high that comes from grabbing some bargains) but also make sure the more logical, left side of your brain is still engaged and only buy what you a) need, b) came looking for (see number 3).

It also stops the random wandering so much – if you are on a mission, it makes shopping time so much more economical and you get some much more done (and spend more money haha) in a shorter amount of time.

So there you go – a few tips to help you get through the craziness of the sales should you be brave enough to shop them!

I’ll have to live vicariously through you this year so make sure you tell me what you got at the sales in the comments below!

Until Next Time,
In Love & Style Always