Sometimes in fashion, we want to focus on the flashy, showing, show-stopping pieces that makes everyone go ‘whoa!’… but then sometimes it’s important to look at the foundation garments that make those show-stopping pieces, (and other normal clothes), actually wearable.

So let’s talk about SLIPS today.

I’ve definitely accumulated a bunch of slips in my wardrobe over the years and I have my favourites for sure, and even though some dresses come with the slip, they are not the best, or the most comfortable!

Quite often I get asked about where to find good slips, so here’s some of my faves, what to look for when shopping for a slip, and some fun ways that you can incorporate a slip into your wardrobe in a more obvious way than you might think.

These three looks are all using slips from Minx Shoes / C.Reed Clothing as an obvious underlayer (actually the black one is just as a dress). This type of slip is great for using when you want to create some interest with your layers.

1. The fabric

What do you want the slip to do? Keep you warm? Create a nice line under your clothes? Or just literally stop people from seeing your undies haha.
Most slips are made from a polyester blend that allows stretch, and makes them really durable but sometimes people find them hot and sticky.
Look for a cotton blend, or modal option for that really soft feel, or a wool / merino slip for when it is freezing! EziBuy has a create merino option (have a look here) and I LOVE the Tuesday the Label one in the main image below for the fabric and the thickness of the strap.

2. The fit

Don’t be sacred to buy up a size if you don’t want your slip to ride up when you walk! Some slips are quite tight-fitting around the hips and legs so can do that. My preference is for a slightly more A-line slip, but that doesn’t always work under more fitted dresses so just buying a size up will give you more room.

I also love slips that are adjustable, with bra-sliders on the straps so you can have it sit where you want (and not expose too much, or have it sitting too high on the neckline) AND slips that are reversible are gold too, usually they come with a scoop neckline that can be turned around and then worn as a v-neck, depending on what you’re wearing under it. This one from Max should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe.

3. The colour

Think about what the colour of the slip can do to the colour of the garment you’re wearing it under. A lighter colour will make sheer fabrics look fresh and bright, whereas a dark colour will make the garment appear more moody and dark. I also love the Sly Slips from Minx in the bordo and ink (navy) to add another dimension again to your outfit.

My suggestion would be to look for a white, nude and black slip to start with, then all bases are covered. Here are a few of my faves you can get your hands on right now;

Tuesday The Label WOOL slip $60 (sizes XS – XL in black and white)
The Warehouse everyday cami/slip $15 (sizes S-XL in black and white)
 Harrie & Sam a-line slip with adjustable straps $59, or $49 with any dress purchased (sizes XS- XL in black and white)
Minx Shoes / C.Reed Clothing black knit sly slip $85 (sizes S-L) also in grey marle, bordo and ink)

Not the prettiest of blog posts, but something I know a whole bunch of you were asking for. I hope that helps give you a few more ideas about where to find a good slip to suit you’re needs, but also how to think outside the box when styling some of them.

Until next time, In Love & Style Always,