So not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s a little cold here in New Zealand (oh I have? My bad!). And I’m sure I HAVE mentioned before that the weather in New Zealand has negated about 80% of my wardrobe as inappropriate! (I’ve come from Queensland! My whole wardrobe consists of silk maxi dresses).

Before I moved to NZ, I wrote a blog about what I THOUGHT my winter wardrobe would look like in NZ (click here to read it). What is that saying? “if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans” well if you want to make the wardrobe gods laugh, tell them what you THINK you are going to wear in a different climate!

Now don’t worry, it’s not all bad news! In fact, not having the appropriate clothes for New Zealand just provides an excuse to go and buy some new one (insert evil laugh here). Here are three pieces that have made it to the top of my winter wish list here in NZ.


Dejcuba ‘Battle’ cape $179.95 (NZ)


1. Dejcuba cape ($179.95 NZ). This wool-blend cape is a fun alternative to a coat but keeps you just as warm.

The trick with wearing a lose-fitting garment like this is to wear fitted pants (and if you can, a heel). Balance out the volume on the top, with a fitted look on the bottom. A pair of heels or heeled boots will elongate your leg, making you look taller and slimmer (which is NEVER a bad thing!)

Witchery leather ponte pants $129.95 AUS


2. Witchery leather ponte pants ($129.95 AUS). Leather is one of the hottest trends this winter and these fitted pants (which are NOT leggings so it’s ok to wear them as pants) are a great way to ease your way into the trend.

These pants only have a leather-look panel on the front – the back half of the pants are the very comfortable ponte fabric. This pannelling will help make the leg look slimmer as the leather isn’t pulling all the way around the leg! (it’s all about creating illusions remember).

I think these pants are the perfect fitted piece to wear with the volume of the cape above, but they will look pretty sleek with a fitted blazer and heels, or on oversized knit and a ballet flat.

Mi Piachi 'Enid' boots $420 (NZ)


3. Mi Piachi ‘Enid’ boots in brown leather ($420NZ). Not the cheapest boots on the block, but I fell in love with them the moment I saw them! Great heel height, slight platform built into the toe and classic brown/tan colour.

Boots have become a staple in my NZ winter wardrobe – if it’s raining, they are almost your best bet for keeping your feet dry (gumboots are they only better option), if it’s cold, you have an extra layer of warmth half way up your leg and a boot will add an extra touch of style to a pair of jeans and a simple knit.

I’m totally picturing these boots with my new Dejcuba cape and my new Witchery leather/ponte pants (this is my wishful thinking). I like contrast the brown boots have with the mainly black outfit, it gives the look a point of difference.

So these are my top three items for my winter wish list! What is on yours?? (You never know, I might just change my mind after some awesome suggestions….)