I’m calling a big, fat bulls$it on the idea that horizontal stripes are not flattering! It’s probably the biggest fashion myth that I spend the most time busting!

I’m sorry girls, I hate to tell you, but HORIZONTAL STRIPES are your friend! Trust me on this one.

We’ve been told (incorrectly) by our mothers or grandmothers that we shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes as they draw attention to our “wider” areas. BUT the reality is, horizontal stripes are actually one of the most flattering forms of camouflage you can wear!

horizontal stripes_ChasingCait

If there is ever an occasion you don’t feel awesome in a horizontal stripe, it’s more likely to be the CUT or FIT of the garment, rather than the stripe itself.

A good horizontal stripe can hide lumps and bumps, and even make you look taller! PLUS it’s the universal print for those people who don’t like wearing prints haha.

So WHY isn’t a horizontal stripe as bad as we think?

Basically, a stripe going across your body multiple times BLURS the edges of your silhouette. It’s almost like the stripe is sliding along your body going “nothing to see here, nothing to see here”.

Can you imagine what would happen in your ran a fabric with VERTICAL stripes all the way down your body? It creates a road-map of every single little bit of your body, (because it would distort the stripe) PLUS – if you can find me a garment with a vertical stripe, I will pay you 1 million dollars – they don’t make them because they just aren’t as flattering!

Horizontal stripes on the other hand, are EVERYWHERE! Navy and white, or black and white are the most popular (such a classic look). Here are a few pieces you can add to your wardrobe right now…

Horizontal stripes main image_ChasingCait

SHOP THE STRIPE: Surafina stripe slouch pants $65 | Max stripe t-shirt tunic $89.99 | Glassons stripe knit tube skirt $29.99 | Zest Weekend rain jacket from Farmers $89.99



Great question! Even though I just said that vertical stripes aren’t super-flattering, creating a VERTICAL LINE down your body over the horizontal stripe is! So use a necklace or scarf to draw that line down your body, or whack a jacket or cardigan over the top to create the same effect. I do it all the time!

vertical line, horizontal stripes

See! Not as scary as you thought right? If you still don’t believe me, you have to at least give it a go in real life. I promise I would never steer you wrong 🙂

Do you have any other questions on how to wear stripes? Ask me in the comments below!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,


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