When I worked in fashion PR (as you do daaaaarling) we used to have a joke about “Spring Trends”. What’s new this Spring? Wait, wait, let me guess; Nautical, Floral and White. Without a doubt, every September issue of every fashion magaine would blast Spring Trends all over their covers, yet you could pull last years September issue of the same mag and you would see the same trends. Now, I’m not complaining (especially because I actually l0ok really good in white) but it makes me laugh every Spring!

What does this mean for us this year? Well you guessed it, this Spring we will be wearing Nautical, Floral and White. So let’s have a look at some of the ways you can get the Spring Fling-feeling without looking like a slave to fashion!

Wear your stripes, but make the vertical line still the prominent shape. I'm wearing tunic dress from Witchery, blazer from Sacha Drake and tights from Voodoo

1. Nauticals

Come on, hands up if you love a navy and white stripe *hand goes up* but there is so much of it about at the moment I think you need to choose your stripes wisely. Now what have we learnt from previous posts ladies? (besides leggings are NOT pants) – vertical lines are our friends! This still applies to some extent with nautical, but don’t be scared to wear horizontal stripes! If you are scared, add a block-colour jacket or cardigan over the top – that way the predominant line is still a horizontal line like I have in the picture. I have also added some red tights to give my look that real nautical feel without looking like I’m about to step onto my yacht (although that would be super if I was! Anyone have a yacht?!).

The Freida Maxi Skirt from SACHA DRAKE RRP $299

2. Florals

Change it up – florals doesn’t mean floaty, girly Liberty Print sun-dresses (Liberty Print is that tiny little floral print that looks cute on 4-year-olds but a little childish on almost anyone over 12). Try something dramatic to make a statement with florals like this a.ma.zing maxi skirt from SACHA DRAKE. (I happen to have this same skirt in black and white and it is to die for).

The trick with prints is to get the right print size for your bodyshape. If you are curvier than the average bear, a bigger print is your friend, especially if you are TALL and curvy, as you have the stature to pull off big prints. If you are more on the petite side, a small print is better for you as a larger print be overpowering, the print ends up wearing you as opposed to you wearing the print.

Gordon Smith linen pants. Available online at Birdsnest.com.au RRP $119.95

3. White

For me,  the most exciting thing about white is that it is NOT black! How sick am I of black by the end of each winter, or grey, or charcoal, or did I mention black? White makes your skin look more tanned, it makes any other colour you wear with it look really fresh and it just makes it feel like Summer time!! (are you getting the feeling I love white!?).

But white doesn’t suit me, and it gets dirty easily!  ummmm have you heard of nappy-san?! White is actually really easy to keep clean beacuse if it does get dirty you just bleach the be-jezuz out of it, wash it in HOT water and then hang it in the sun, all these tricks will help keep your whites whiter (do I sound like a toothpaste commercial or what!). White is much easier to maintain than many other colours because you don’t risk stripping dyes out of the fabric and ruining or fading  your clothes.

If a entire white outfit makes you break into a cold sweat I have two words for you: Linen pants. In white. They are style personified – and they DO suit most people! The wide leg of a linen pant is great on the larger hips, and the thighs of an hourglass or pear, but the fitted, low-slung waist also looks great on those slimmer-hipped columns and apples.

Nikon GoGo watch in white RRP $149.95, Mooloolah fedora RRP $25.99 and Billabong essentials scarf RRP $19.95 (all available from City Beach). Tan wedges RRP $49.95 from Spend-less Shoes

PS. Accessories

If these trends are all a bit too much, accessories all the way! Here are a few pieces you can use to add a touch of trend to help celebrate Spring! White accessories are always a good way to go if white clothes are too much and nothing says nautical like a fedora and some tan wedges so accessorise it up people!

See! Trends can be easy (not scary) and if this post tells you anything, Spring trends are pretty predictable so if in doubt remember; nautical and florals and white! Oh my!

What is your favourite Spring trend? Have you found your own way to wear any of these trends?