Haha if you know my love of shoes, this is a loaded question. I say both – for me – because that’s part of my Style Personality.
I don’t mind bold colours, and I hardly own any black shoes, but I do love a good neutral.

Looking at my own shoe-buying habits recently, I’ve very much gone one of two ways, which is what made me think about this blog…

These are the newest editions to my shoe-robe… see a pattern?

Why go neutral?

Simply put, they go with everything!

The trick comes with working out what neutral works for you. There are so many options, and much of the time, the colour that suits you will be based on your skin tone.

It’s also common to confuse “tan” with a neutral, and then you wonder why it doesn’t quite work. Usually it’s a little dark, and creates more of a contrast against your skin that that desired “neutral” look.

Hael & Jax wedges from Blue Bungalow $179.95

There are so many gorgeous neutral shoes around at the moment, so try a few different styles and colours on (I even count some of the soft pinks as neutrals) and see which one works best for you.

These are some of my current faves….

Hannahs nude slides $99 | Hael & Jax wedges from Blue Bungalow $179.95

Why go bold?

Why not? You could wear a super-simple outfit, and add a bold shoe and it totally changes the direction of the whole look…

Number One Shoes “Dreamy” block heels $30 (photo: Shout & Co)

Pick a colour that you absolutely LOVE, and that makes you feel happy, and then you’ll have that feeling every time you wear that shoe.

There are so many gorgeous bright and bold colours around for summer, these are just two of my favourites…

Number One Shoes “Dreamy” block heels $30 | Minx Shoes “Soiree” heels in pink $169

As well as making my FAVOURITE trainers of all time (these) Minx Shoes are super-well known for their amazing colourful shoes – the Soiree heels above are no exception.

Make sure you check out their full range of bright shoes (heaps of flats and wedges too) in their online store.

Katherine Wilson is another great go-to for bright, bold shoes – check them out here.

So I know that didn’t answer the question, “to go bold or go neutral” (well my answer is kinda do both) but hopefully it gave you some inspiration either way.

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,