So some of you may have seen a post I wrote at the beginning of the month about a Style Challenge I set myself, and also challenged you guys to be a part of if you wanted to (you can read the original post here).

And now, here we are, June 1….. how did you go? How did I go? What did we learn?

no spend may

What did I learn?

Well, first off, I have to say that I MADE IT!! Woot woot! And do you know what?

It was easier than I thought.

I think it helps that life is now super-busy with Emmie, and work and, well, you know, life, so I didn’t really have a lot of spare time to lament the lack of new purchase arriving on my doorstep.

I also found that I started to get my “shoppers high” from NOT shopping. Weird right?

I felt powerful in deciding not to make a purchase, which made me want to do it more (plus the pull of tickets to Hawaii helped too).

My June Wish List

One of the things that I think got me through, and I know a few of the other girls playing along did this too, was to create a wish-list.

So if I really loved something, it went on the wish-list, and now I can really re-assess if I want to still buy it now that it’s June 1st.

This definitely has helped curb the impulse buys! And guess what, there is only 1 thing on my wish-list….. wanna see?

no spend may

MINX “Willott” Boots in silver $239. I got these from MirrorMirror Boutique online, as they are sold out everywhere! They are a pre-order so I still have to wait until July haha!

What did YOU learn?

Some of the lovely girls in my Online Styling Membership Group, StyleMe, we talking about it last week, and even though some of them “failed” (their words, not mine) and caved in before June 1, they still all took away some great learnings for the experience!

Here’s what a few of them are saying….

“I’m pondering doing this on a monthly basis, buying only what I have listed from the previous month. So in June I will only buy what’s on my list from may & only if I still absolutely love it. That way I will buy sensibly instead of spontaneously? Each month I will make a new list as I go. Wish me luck peeps” – Lisa

“No spend May has really helped me see which clothes I wear most and hopefully I have learnt to not be as impulse when buying things and to actually think of how much use I will get as opposed to the item being pretty”. – Cassie

How well did the girls do!

Ok, so now it’s your turn, did you play along with No Spend May? Let me know how you went? And what you learnt about your shopping habits too!

Until Next Time, In Style & Love Always,