I can see the finish line! As I write this post I’m currently just over 39 weeks pregnant and SO ready to meet this little munchkin growing in my tummy.

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Dressing this ever-growing bump is definitely getting trickier and I’ve pretty much stopped leaving the house because I don’t have much that fits over my tummy haha!

Comfort is definitely at the top of my list right now when it comes to getting dressed in the morning, but if I am heading out, I still want to look (and feel) good! Who says you can’t be stylish growing a baby!

Having realised how tricky it is to dress the bump at this size, I’ve put together some of my favourite things I’m relying on quite heavily now!

I’ve tried not to buy too many maternity pieces as I have plenty of things I can wear (plus maternity clothes can be expensive!) so most of these aren’t maternity-specific (which means if you like, you can TOTALLY wear them even if not preggers)

Here they are!

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Why you need it in your life (pregnant or not!)

Saben Tilly’s Big Sis bag $350

Anything that is hands-free is my friend and I’m guessing will be even MORE my friend once my hands are full with bubba!
I love the size of this bag – it’s big enough to fit a LOT into (you’d be surprise at how much, it has a double compartment) but it’s also small enough to take out just as a clutch. It has a shoulder strap (hence the hands free option) and I love the neutral mushroom colour – it goes with everything! (I’m a Saben Summer brand ambassador and this clutch was kindly gifted to me)

Wrap dress from Little Party Dress $59.95

This is where instagram is dangerous! I’ve seen this dress on a couple of girls I follow and fell in LOVE with the print! But the best thing about a wrap dress is that you can wear it over your bump kinda as a coat, not matter how big you are!
I wore it to a birthday party last weekend over the top of a fitted black dress and just tied the ties loosely over my tummy. PLUS added bonus is that the wrap can work for breast-feeding too – a winner for everyone!

Toms Women’s Classic Alpargatas from The Iconic $85^

Did someone say “slip on shoes”? I have to pick my shoes depending on if my husband is home or not! If they require any sort of buckle, he needs to be here! My Toms have become my besties, I can just slip them on and don’t have to worry about bending over!
I have them in black suede (kindly gifted to me by Toms), but I LOVE these pale pink ones and they are definitely on my post-baby shopping list!

Just Jeans pants $89.95

I’m at that stage in my pregnancy when even some of the maternity pants don’t fit over my tummy so these babies are great because they just sit below it! The stretch waistband allows that. And if you’re NOT expecting, they are just as awesome!

Triumph maternity bra $59.95 from Farmers

OK, so this one IS just for us preggers and breast-feeding ladies but I would highly recommend any Triumph bra to anyone. I love the cuts and fits of the range so definitely worth checking out. This wee bra was gifted to me but you can purchase from Farmers.

So there are just a couple of my latest finds that are getting my through my pregnancy in (relative) style. I have to be honest, I’m at the point now (due in a week!) where I don’t want to leave the house because I have almost nothing to wear, but these have been my saving graces!

Are you expecting and having to adjust your style accordingly? Let me know if the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time, In Style & Love Always (a VERY pregnant)


^ these are wee affiliate links, which means I make a small commission if you swipe your credit card as a result of seeing it on my blog. But rest assured, all my recommendations are from the heart and products that I believe in. x