I love blogging. And blogs. And shoes (but we all know that). Today I’m sitting in my little brother’s apartment in Perth (yes that was a BIG day of travelling). He is recovering from minor surgery so big sis came across from Auckland to look after him.

Sitting on the couch all day for a week watching the Olympics with previously mention sibling doesn’t really need much effort in the wardrobe department so today I thought I could share with you some of my favourite blogs that give ME inspiration. I have mentioned a few of these blogs before, but here is another chance to check them out….

Nikki Parkinson’s Styling You (click here to view the blog)

I’ve known Nikki for years (we have worked together in the fashion industry for a long time) – she is one of the most amazing, down to earth, fashionable people I know. She is arguably Australia’s most successful fashion blogger – and I think the thing that makes her so successful is her attitude – she is so relatable – she doesn’t look down on her readers from her stylish high-horse, she IS one of her readers.

One of my favourite series on her blog are the Keeping It Real outfit posts. Nikki is a gorgeous size 14 and she shows us how to rock the latest looks with amazing style! Here is one of her latest.

Nikki looking amazing as always in one of her Keeping It Real posts (image courtesy of stylingyou.com.au)

Nikki also covers beauty on the blog and has a weekly Saturday post about blogging itself (an awesome read for all you aspiring bloggers out there). This is definitely a blog to bookmark!

Kendi Everyday – Outfit posts (click here to visit the blog)

Kendi has my ideal life – she owns a clothing boutique and wears pretty clothes everyday – pretty awesome if you ask me. Kendi Everyday is a blog I have mentioned before (like here), I love her style.

Kendi looking awesome as always (image courtesy of kendieveryday.com)

Yes she is in America, so when we are in the throws of winter, she is wearing cute little summer dresses, but I still love it. Again, I feel that her style is obtainable for the rest of us – she is gorgeous and petite but in an everyday way (Kendi, if you ever read this – that is meant as a MA-JOR compliment…. just so we are clear).

Just because she lives of the other side of the world, doesn’t mean we can’t use her as a great inspiration for style – in fact, she mentioned a pair of shoes on her blog once from Payless Shoes in America…. and they ended up being available in Australia too! Yay for me! Remember the shoes in this blog? they are the ones that I bought after seeing them on Kendi Everyday.

 Buy now, blog later (click here to view the blog)

Laura, the author of this blog is based in the UK (I like to get a worldly injection of fashion!) and she talks fashion and beauty. Mainly another outfit post blog, but again with wearable options!

Laura from Buy Now, Blog Later. (Image courtesy of buynowbloglater.com)

I love the name of her blog! It tells it how it is that’s for sure. Laura is another stunner (she has hair I would DIE for!) but again, I think that her outfits and style are really obtainable for us every day peeps. Many of her outfits are from the high street stores such as Topshop and Zara so you don’t have to spend a fortune to get her look!

So there are three of my favourite blogs to read – do you agree?

Tell me your faves – I’m always on the lookout for more awesome blogs to read!

Cait x