Shorts. We love to hate them. (or hate to love them).

But they are certainly one of the items that the majority of my style coaching clients want some help with.

It’s that goldilocks syndrome right? Not too long, not too short, but just right.

Then you also have to factor in the chaff / ride-up factor if you have any sort of thigh whatsoever.

one of my favourite pairs of shorts this summer from Witchery ($109.95)

So to help you on the endless search for the perfect shorts, I’ve put together some of my faves in stores atm, plus scroll down for a couple of strategies I’m using when buying shorts for myself, or my clients.


Kilt “Hazel” shorts in mustard print $139. 00. Size 6 – 16.
Just Jeans “Lana: mom shorts $59.95. Size 6 – 16.
Kmart belted buckle shorts $19.00. Size 6 – 20.
Max “Tara” shirred linen shorts $79.99. Size 6 – 18. 7 colour options*
Decjuba luxe denim jogger shorts $79.90. Size 8-14*
Witchery pleat front shorts in magenta. $109.95. Size 4-16.
Birdsnest “Bird Keeper” pull on tie shorts $49.95. Size 8 – 22*
Birdsnest “Bird Keeper” The Culotte Short $69.95. Size 8 – 22*
EziBuy “Emerge” linen blend shorts $69.99. Size 10 – 18.
Kmart culotte shorts in vintage tropic $17.00. Size 8 – 18.

Top buying tips for shorts

1. The wider the leg, the more flattering they are.
It’s a classic rule of proportion. The wider the hemline is, the slimmer the appendage coming out from it appears. Simple

2. Mid-thigh is generally the best length.
They might look short, (they are shorts after all) but give that mid-thigh length a try! It works well in with the proportions of your body.

3. Tuck your tee in!
Again, we’re playing with proportion. By tucking your top in, you’re giving the illusion of a longer leg.
Even if it’s just at the front – trust me, it will work.

4. If it’s a paper-bag waist, try a more fitted top.
By paper-bag waist, I mean it has that little bit of ruffled fabric around the waist, above the belt.
Generally, if you wear a looser top over the top, it will just add bulk around your middle.
So aim for a more fitted top that you will tuck in.

5. Tan up!
I always find a fake tan makes me more confident when I’m wearing anything short (dresses, shorts or skirts).
AND in good news for you, my fave fake bake brand EVER has now given me a discount code to use!
Pop over to the LITTLE HONEY NZ website and use the code CAIT15 at checkout for 15% off – you can thank me later, it will change your life!

Shorts really aren’t as scary as you think! You just need give them a go.

Until next time, In Love & Style Always,