Do you want a bit more versatility in your wardrobe? Or perhaps to really nail that “smart/casual” look? Then look no further, this blog post is for you! Let’s talk about the humble denim jacket.

It’s one of THE most useful wardrobe in my wardrobe, AND my clients wardrobes, it can pretty much dress anything down to make it feel more casual.

Every time I feature a denim jacket in my outfit posts on social, I get a bunch of questions about what to look for in a denim jacket – what colour, what fit and where to buy!

So I thought I’d answer all of those q’s, and show you some of my faved, in a blog So here is my ULTIMATE denim jacket, (plus a few other good ones) and how to choose which one is going to work for you….

Colour + Fit

If your just going to look at investing in ONE denim, this is the perfect one I think (totally just from my years of putting lots of denim jackets on lots of people). Get yourself an AMAZE TRUCKER JACKET FROM JUST JEANS IN ILLUSION BLUE STAT!

I love it because it’s the perfect mid-tone blue, which means it will work with practically every other colour (I sometimes find that lighter denims don’t work so well with stronger colours like black).

It’s also made from a KNIT denim, yup you read that right, a KNIT – so it’s actually got quite a bit of stretch to it. It feels so lovely and soft to wear, and doesn’t feel tight or restrictive around the arms.

Me and my fave Just Jeans denim jacket

SIZING: So I often recommend clients try a few sizes when it comes to jackets.

Usually the place you want to look at fit is actually across your back and shoulders, and not worry so much about being able to do it up over your bust (especially if you’re generously endowed) – so my recommendation with this jacket in particular is to potentially SIZE DOWN A SIZE.

This is often a bit of a lightbulb moment for clients, who may have previously found denim jackets a little boxy or unflattering – it’s usually just that the size they are trying is a little big.


Double Denim

Yes you can TOTALLY wear your denim jacket with jeans.

My tip would just be to make sure that jeans and the jacket are different colour denims (to avoid the “Canadian Tuxedo” look).

So if you go for a mid-wash in your jacket, can you pair it with black jeans, or darker blue jeans, or white jeans?…. or here’s an idea… can you find something else that isn’t jeans at all to wear it with haha


What to Wear it With

ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! oh you want me to be a bit more specific?

Well my usual go-to is with dresses to make the dress feel a little more ‘everyday’. Nothing says smart/casual like a dress + denim jacket + trainers. It’s pretty much my mum uniform.


But as we’ve just discussed, pair it with your jeans or other pants too, like so…. I often use my denim jacket to create more shape through my waist when I’m wearing it with something a little more floaty.




Here are a few other denim jackets that get the tick of approval from me too. They really area staple in most everyday wardrobes, and if you choose quite a classic style, it will be with you for yeeeeears to come!

SHOP THE JACKETS: (l-r) PQ from WhiteHavenEmporium frayed hem jacket $80 AUD | Decjuba “Sienna” denim jacket $159.90 | Max white denim jacket $59.99 (on sale)


So team, I hope that not only answers some of your questions, but gives you a bit of inspo to have a play with some pieces in your wardrobe that perhaps feel a little dressy for everyday (also have a read of THIS POST to see how you can work a denim jacket into your everyday wardrobe more)

Until Next Time,In Love & Style Always,