This is one of those style tricks that people are often too scared to try because they aren’t sure how to do it – The Print Clash.

But actually it’s a whole lot easier than you think.

I love a good print clash (which you’ll know if you follow along with #everydaystyle on Facebook and Instagram), and its one of those things that I feel can elevate a look instantly. It makes your outfit that little more daring….. ooooooh daring! We like daring.

I’ve got three different looks to show you, and I’ll explain how I’ve chosen the prints to clash it’s a WHOLE lot easier than you think!

In a nutshell, you want to make sure your two prints have ONE THING IN COMMON. So maybe it’s the colour, maybe it’s the intensity, or maybe it’s the theme of the print….. but if you remember that, you’ll be print clashing like a pro in no time!

So here are a couple of tips I’ve got to help you get your print-clash on easily…..

PRINT CLASH RULE 1 – same colours, different print

Just Jeans singlet (stripes) + Portmans pants (spots)

This is probably the easiest way to start your print clash journey. Use the same colours, but try it with two different prints – spots and stripes work well like I’m wearing above. You can even start with a REAAAAALLLY small spot so you’re practically not even wearing a print…. trust me, it will work.

PRINT CLASH RULE 2 – Same theme / motif

Sportsgirl tee + H&M skirt

Keeping the theme of the print similar can make a cool print-clash. And with sooooo much tropical print in stores now, this kind of print clash should be as easy as pie.

I’ve gone with the botanical theme in this print clash, but with a more simple print on top, and a more detailed print on the bottom so the whole look isn’t too over-powering.

PRINT CLASH RULE 3 – Contrast the print = florals + bold graphic print

Augustine kimono (floral)  + Jeanswest tee (stripes)

This is probably my FAVE way to print clash, but also probably the boldest … mainly because I own a lot of both stripes and florals.

This is about contradictions – the softness of the floral print VS the boldness of the graphic stripe. It’s what makes this print clash soooo good!

The biggest tip for this print clash is to make sure the two prints have the same intensitySo don’t put a light, soft floral with a dark, strong graphic print, they will have nothing in common and therefore won’t compliment each other.

So does that give you a few ideas? Like I said earlier, adding a bit of a print clash to your outfit can just make it feel that little bit more fun, and if style isn’t fun, then what’s the point right?

Thoughts? Are you a fan of the print clashing? Or happy just to stick to one print at a time thank you very much haha. Tell me in the comments below! I’d love to know!

Until Next Time, In Style & Love Always,

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