activewear, activewear” – that video still goes around and around in my head (if you haven’t seen it, watch it here).

Safe to say, activewear isn’t a big part of my daily wardrobe, mostly because exercise isn’t even in my vocab right now.

Also, I think there are so many other options that are just as comfortable as your good old tights and trainers, but will elevate your everyday style SO much more!

So let’s talk “Sport Luxe”. Basically, sport luxe to me means a) anything from Decjuba haha and b) things that feel as comfy as activewear, but that you wouldn’t actually wear to work out. And for me, it all comes down to three things – the fabric, the colour palette and the shoes.

Sport Luxe Ziera shoes Chasing Cait

When I think of sport luxe, I think of structure, but stretch. So things that aren’t sloppy, but are relaxed and comfortable to wear all day long, no matter what you’re doing.

These are fabrics I LIVE in day-to-day.

They are low-maintenance, easy care, but still have some shape and make an outfit look put together.

Sport luxe always feel like black + white + a silver stripe to me (random I know). I think the monochromatic colour palette is quite synonymous with this trend, and it’s a great blue print for putting together looks.

I’ve also added a few blues into the mix in these outfits, I can’t just do straight black and white.

Chasing Cait Ziera Shoes sport luxe trend

The other things that makes the sport luxe trend for me is the shoes – whack a pair of trainers on with practically anything and you’ve got “sport luxe”.

Trainers = the sport part
Everything else you’re wearing = the luxe part

Now you’ll usually see my rocking the white trainers on a almost-daily basis, but when I got the chance to try these gorgeous “Bella” trainers from Ziera Shoes, my mind immediately went to this trend.

The cool combo of black suede, black leather and white sole screams sport luxe, but also gave me an excuse to really have a play with my existing wardrobe and see how I could create some cool sport luxe looks with what I already have.

One of the things that appeals to me about Ziera Shoes, (for not only myself, but for my styling clients and you, my lovely blog readers), is the custom fit system, which basically means you can tailor the shoe to fit your foot.

By adding in none, one, or two of the Your Feet Your Fit underfoot inserts, it reduces the volume of the shoe in the forepart. So for a wide foot, no inserts, for a narrower foot, either one, or both inserts.

I’ve got one insert in these shoes, even though my foot is really narrow. I also found being a lace-up, I could just tie the laces tighter (whereas with the gorgeous “Talise” flats from the last blog, I added both inserts for the most comfortable fit).

The shoes often make the outfit for me, so having a comfortable, funky pair of trainers is the starting point for any sport luxe look. My poor white trainers might not get much of a look-in this winter at all!

Tell me, is sport luxe a look you’d rock? Or are you more of an activewear gal? (and more power to you if you are!). Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to know!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always

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