Well the short answer is “any bloody way you want!”
But I know that’s not helpful haha! So, let’s talk about two main things when it comes to styling wide leg pants;

What top?

What shoe?

So the tops that work best will all be based on the fundamental styling principles – balance and proportion.

Wide leg pants generally look best with tops that are more FITTED (that’s the balance we’re creating in an outfit).

And if not fitted, TUCKED or TIED (that’s the proportion rule). You want to create a ONE THIRD | TWO THIRDS effect with your outfit. It makes your legs look longer, and draws the eye in at the waist.

tie your top with a wide leg pant
what top do i wear with wide leg pants

You will very rarely see me wearing a wide leg pant without at least a bit of a tuck in the front (we call that a French Tuck) it’s just a nicer proportion.

what top do i wear with wide leg pants

So the moral of this story, is if in doubt, tuck right?

Ok – now let’s talk shoes.

Actually, pretty much any shoe will go with wide leg pants, I find it more to do with the length of the pant, and the look you want.

For a SMART CASUAL look, you can’t go past a great pair of leather trainers. You can wear a dressier blouse, and then add the trainer for a cool, dressed down look.

which shoes work with wide leg pants
These pants are SUPER long, but being tall I don’t mind! I love how they touch the ground when I wear them with trainers,

The LENGTH you want to go for in a flat shoe is to have the hem of the pants almost touching the ground. This is to keep that proportion of your legs being super-long, going.

what shoes to wear with wide leg pants

For a more dressed-up look, a heel will work because, again, it helps to elongate your leg.

what shoes to wear with wide leg pants

But my pants are cropped…

OK, let’s work through this too – for tops, see above haha.

For shoes, again, anything really goes! It’s more about WHERE the pants crop.

The most flattering length is actually just on your ankle (so not up too high around your calf, that length is more likely to cut you off).

If the pant crops at your ankle, it draws attention there, which is a good thing (smallest part of your leg remember), and then you can show off any fabulous shoe!

how to wear wide leg pants
A cropped wide leg pant will show off any shoe! So rock the shoes you love, no matter what they are.
how to wear wide leg pants
The gorgeous Rachel from my Size 12 Chronicles shoot looking amazing in a cropped wide leg pant and nude wedges

So I hope those tips give you a little more direction and confidence when it comes to rocking the wide leg pants.

They are a fabulous shape we’re seeing more and more of in stores, but as always, they aren’t for everyone, and thats ok! Just don’t let the fear of not know HOW to wear them stop you from giving them a go!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,