There’s a lot of talk in style circles about what “suits” people and what doesn’t.

Colour is one of those things that comes up quite often. “Oh, I love you in {insert any colour here}, but it doesn’t suit me” is something I hear quite a bit.

Now I totally get that some colours next to your face can do you more favours that others (and don’t get me started on black), but I’m of the school of thought when it comes to style, NEVER SAY NEVER!

Let’s take mustard yellow for example. I LOVE mustard yellow! I think it’s such a rich, scrummy colour. But I have to be very careful about how I wear it. In a solid colour, right next to my face? Sometimes not my best work…. but that doesn’t stop me rocking it in other ways.

So I want to use mustard yellow as an example of how you can integrate a colour into your everyday style that maybe at first glance isn’t your best, but you still love it and want to wear it anyway….

Style Tip #1 – Wear it on your bottom half

I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s the truth! Take the colour away from your face, match it back with colours that really pop next to your face, and hey presto! You’re nailing a colour that “doesn’t suit you”.

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Style Tip # 2 – Accessorise with it

I love this mustard colour so much I went and bought a wallet in it! So actually, I’m wearing a colour that doesn’t “suit” me everyday.

You could also apply this to shoes (see style tip #3), or a belt, or even earrings in a colour that you wouldn’t normally wear.

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Style Tip #3 – Work it into a print

You don’t have to go full on with colour, just give it a subtle nod by finding it in a print you like. 

You can combine tips #2 & #3 like I have below, accessorise AND use it in a print, to bring the colour together in the look. (It’s hard to tell, but the pants have a subtle pop of yellow in them…. and yes, we’ll talk about the tank next up..)

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Or simply break up the colour by wearing something else next to your face (a little fake tan often helps too!)

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Style Tip #4 – “Water down” the colour

Stay with me on this one….. So yes, I’m wearing a mustard tank. BUT the reason it works is because the fabric is a little sheer, and I’ve worn it over a solid black singlet which gives the colour a little more depth, and makes it look less like my exact skin tone.

So how that translates for you is, looking for something that is sheer, or that you can layer a better colour over or under it.

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So many times I’ve told myself I can’t wear mustard, but turns out I can! (I’m literally wearing mustard on my white pants because I just spilled my lunch on my lap…. the irony is not lost on me...)

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t wear something – there is ALWAYS a way around it!

Is there a colour or style that you think you can’t wear but want some tips on how to rock it? Let me know in the comments below and let’s workshop it!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,