Yes, you read that correctly.

No, I’m not five.

A girl can still love a tutu into her 30’s and beyond right?

Ok, does “tulle skirt” make it sounds less dress-up? Haha! Well whatever you want to call them, I LOVE them! They are such a fun, feminine piece that you can wear in a few different ways depending on your Style Personality.

I love things that are feminine, but I also love adding a bit of edge to my looks sometimes, especially if something in the outfit is quite girly. Cue black leather!

For example, here is a gorgeous tulle skirt I picked up from H&M recently, styled back with a causal knit and some funky ankle boots. The boots and knit just take the girly edge off the outfit…..


tutu Chasing Cait

GET THE LOOK: H&M tiered tulle skirt (similar here) $79.99 | H&M knit $59.99 | Alias Mae boots (similar here) | Andrea Moore sunglasses $289 (similar here) | Forever New necklace (similar here from Lovisa) $29.99.

tutu Chasing Caittutu Chasing Cait tutu Chasing Cait tutu Chasing Cait

See? You can definitely wear a tutu well into your 30s and beyond! It’s all about choosing the right pieces to go with it. So here are some tips on how to rock a tulle skirt

1.  Make the skirt the statement

This means that everything else you wear it with compliments, rather than competes with it. For example, it might just be a white tee and trainers, or adding a denim jacket and plain boots. That way you don’t feel like you’re playing dressups

2. Find a shape that suits you.

What I love about this particular skirt is that it’s more of a pencil shape than some other tulle skirts out there. The full-on A-line skirt doesn’t particularly suit my shape, so I went with an option that works better on my frame. The same goes with length. Look for a length that works on your body.

3. Only wear it if you LOVE it!

This is definitely a style that some people will love, and some won’t. And thats ok! How boring would the world be if we all wore the same thing? This blog post is only for you if you want  to try this trend, but aren’t sure how to rock it. If it’s not your bag baby, then thats totally ok too.

Want more options? Ok, no worries! Here are a couple more fabulous tulle skirts that you could try

tutu Chasing Cait

SHOP THE TULLE (l-r): Forever New Ella tulle midi skirt $89.99 | H&M tiered skirt $79.99 | Asos magenta tulle skirt $108

So tell me, does tulle float your boat? Or is it something you’ll leave to the rest of us? I’d love to know your thoughts, tell me in the comments below!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,

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