Shoulders out? Yes please!

Seriously, the off-the-shoulder trend is definitely one of the biggest trends to hit for a long time. You canย literally get one in every. single. store you walk into at the moment.

What I DO love about this trend is that is pretty much works on every shape and size. You can choose the colour and fabric you like, print or plain, and even dress or top!

There are SO many great off-the-shoulder options around but sometimes people I talk to aren’t sure how to wear them, or if even they can – so I thought I’d put together a few style tips on how to rock the off-the-shoulder look, no matter what!

Style Lesson One – choose the right bra.

A strapless bra is kinda a necessity for this style. Have a read of THIS POST for a good one! A nude colour is always the best option, that way you’re not going to see it even under a white top.

If you haven’t tried a strapless bra for a while, then try again! They have come a long way in a short time. If you have the bigger boobies (like moi) look for one thats got a bit more support, so thicker through the strap and at the front.

Style Lesson Two – stick it on.

Worried the arms are going to pop up every time you move? Stick it down then! Gone are the days for me when I needed the Hollywood tape to hold boobs into low-cut dresses, now I just use it to hold my sleeves down haha!

Grab a bit of Hollywood (or double sided tape) and stick it on the arm of the top to stop it slipping up over your shoulders – then you can stop fiddling with it all day and just enjoy wearing it ๐Ÿ™‚

Style Lesson three – tan it up.

A little fake tan makes everything look better right? I’ve been getting an awesome spray tan every fortnight to give me that golden glow (no more baking in the sun, apparently its bad for your skin!) but I’ve also just ordered some DIY from Little Honey NZ so I’ll report back on how that works.

Having a nice, tan shoulder popping out the top of an off-the-shoulder instantly makes you feel better don’t you think?

Here’s an outfit I wore to a Christmas do last week, using all the above tips haha!

GET THE LOOK: Indie off-the-shoulder top from The Chasing Cait Shop $99.95

off the shoulder - sunglasses image

Spot the #bloggerhusbandandbaby anyone?

Here are a few more options to choose from I’m loving atm

off the shoulder tops

SHOP THE TOPS: 1/ Max off the shoulder top $59.99^ | 2/ Dover off the should top from The Chasing Cait Shop $59 | Decjuba graphic print off the shoulder top $69.95^

Wearing an off-the-shoulder feels fun and sexy and like I said, there are SO many around this Summer so make sure you give it a go!

Do you have a question about how to style an off-the-shoulder style? Make sure you ask me in the comments below, I’m here to help!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,

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